#VendorsofKaodim: KMAC International

Starting June 2018, we will be celebrating top vendors within the Kaodim platform. This is to recognise the service providers who have been hard at work behind-the-scenes of every job request. Learn more about their stories, industry, and challenges as the series unfolds!

Today, we have with us Melvin Lee, Operations Manager of KMAC International Pte Ltd. KMAC was founded with the vision to allow customers to have a peace of mind when engaging home cleaning services and has partnered with Kaodim in the past few months to become one of our most highly-engaged cleaners in Singapore.

Kaodim: Hi Melvin, thanks for being with us today! Can you start by telling us more about how KMAC was started?

Melvin: When I was younger, I worked at my aunt’s maid agency. It was during my time there that I noticed that not every customer that came in to employ a maid really needed a full-time domestic worker. I saw a window of opportunity and the potential of starting up a part-time cleaning business.

One of the KMAC cleaners hard at work. Source: KMAC Facebook page

As such, I did a lot of research on how to operate this business before I decided to take a leap of faith and ventured into the cleaning market on my own. I started KMAC in 2012 but we recently revamped our company structure and vision. This allowed us to receive NEA recognition as a professional cleaning service firm, as well as project a more reliable image as the best cleaning service in Singapore. Since then, we have received accreditations such as ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, and BizSafeStar.

K: What makes you different or stand out from the other cleaning businesses?

M: As a company, we’ve put ourselves in the shoes of our employees and customers and always do our utmost best for both parties. We are a reputable company with certifications endorsing our quality of work.

The fun-loving KMAC team

Most importantly, sincerity is key to our service, I believe that is what makes us distinctly different from the others. We also place importance on the welfare of our employees by providing insurance and allowance. On top of all these, our cleaners are full-time employees.

K: Tell us more about the KMAC team.

M: I believe that a happy and harmonious environment is key to cultivating a positive work culture. Our employees, including our cleaners, are given a range of benefits such as transport allowance, attendance bonus, and insurance, to motivate everyone to have a positive working attitude. When there are disputes between customers and our cleaners, we take measures to investigate the matter thoroughly to ensure fair judgement to both our clients and employees.

K: Are there any notable achievements or stories that you would like to share with us?

M: Yes! I had a customer who was the director of a local non-governmental organization (NGO). She was so satisfied with our quality of work that she recommended us a big job and invited us to submit a tender for a cleaning contract for three different locations. For a humble company like us, it is actually a great achievement to have an invitation for a commercial job. Nonetheless, that’s my goal for KMAC in future!

K: As a business, what are some critical factors that you consider for lead generation?

M: Back in the days, many businesses saw newspapers as the main lead generation tool. But today, it is not cost-effective to do this anymore. Customers want convenience and the Internet and their smartphones allow them to get everything at the tip of their fingers. This is the reason social media, such as Facebook, is very important in generating leads for us now.

We also focus a lot on ensuring our customers get the best-quality service in the most convenient way possible. One such method is through Kaodim, where customers are able to get not just cleaning, but other home services through a one-stop service platform. In turn, these happy and satisfied customers, help us to generate strong referral business, and this is a direction I’d love to move towards.

K: What made you come on-board as a Kaodim Vendor?

M: Here at KMAC, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and the business. I spend a lot of time doing research on the web to see what are some new innovations that we can incorporate into our business model. When I was doing a Google search for this purpose, Kaodim appeared as one of the top results. This indicated that Kaodim is rather aggressive in marketing itself to customers, which means if I join Kaodim as a vendor, I can be assured of a steady stream of leads generated.

K: How has Kaodim helped to transform your business as compared to before you joined the platform?

M: Kaodim has helped us to reach a wider audience and provided us with various potential customers. We receive numerous notifications about new jobs every day and actively check our dashboard for customer responses and bookings.

KMAC’s Vendor Profile on Kaodim – one of our most-reviewed and a champion vendor!

Being on Kaodim has allowed us to generate a lot more leads compared to other websites because of a large number of job requests that come in daily. Since joining the Kaodim platform, we have increased our business by about 40%, as we were able to reach a wider, more tech-savvy audience in a more cost-effective manner.

K: What are some tips or advice for customers when looking for a cleaning service provider?

M: There are many different companies offering low-cost cleaning services. However, when prices are very low, the quality of the cleaning service may not be up to standard. As the Chinese saying goes – 一分钱一分货 – which means if you want to have quality services, you have to be willing to pay for it.

Based on my experience in cleaning, quality service means not having to worry about anything besides having the cleaner to come in. Companies who provide such service usually use better equipment and train their cleaners by sending them for upgrading courses, as well as provide insurance for the period of the job.

It is also advisable for customers to do thorough research in order to select a reliable company. They can check out the company’s past reviews and certifications to get an idea of the quality of work and service provided.

Speaking of which, Kaodim verifies all vendors such as KMAC, amongst others, before they are allowed to join the platform and start taking up job requests. To find out more about cleaning services provided, click here!