What To Do If Your Bathroom Floods

Oh no! Your bathroom is flooding! What should you do? At times like these – don’t panic. Follow these easy steps to get out of the messy situation!

Shut Off Sources
Source: Len The Plumber

1. Shut Off Sources

The first thing that you should do would be to cut off the water source. If the flooding is happening in your bathroom, look for a knob on your wall that is placed close to the floor.

If you can’t find it, just turn off your home’s main water shut off valve to stop the water from flowing in completely. Or worse, if you just can’t seem to figure out how to shut off the water, get in touch with a plumbing expert immediately for help.


Handle The Electricity
Source: Contiki

2. Handle The Electricity

The last thing that you’d want happening to you would be getting electrocuted in the midst of this messy situation. Be sure to switch off all powerpoint plugs and electronic devices near the flooded area to avoid electrocution accidents.

If you find any appliances or powerpoint plugs that are flooded, stay away from the water and turn off the electricity through the fusebox. Shall there be any sparks or flames, leave your home immediately and call your local authorities for assistance.


Soak Up The Water
Source: Heating & Plumbing Monthly Magazine

3. Soak Up The Water

Swimming is nice, but not when it’s inside your house. Remove as much water as possible, using towels to prevent the water from flooding other places in your home.

You should also bear in mind to never use a vacuum to suck up water as it could end up messier than it already is. You can also open your windows and doors for better airflow, which can help the water to evaporate faster.


Protect Your Property

4. Protect Your Property

Don’t leave any of your belongings lying on the floor, especially items that may bleed or stain (eg. magazines, books, paintings, etc). If you have wooden or carpet flooring, they may suffer from water damage as well. Be sure to take pictures and check with your insurance company for an assessment.


Fix It Quick

5. Fix It Quick

Finally, don’t hesitate to call the plumber to get your pipes repaired and/or replaced immediately. It is also advised that you refrain from using the bathroom in question until the pipes have been fixed.

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