Whimsical Watercolour Wallpapers for Your Magical Home

Watercolour wallpapers gained major popularity in 2014, and 2 years later they have hit our shores with a bang once again! This new and amazing trend has been the latest craze and we are here to help you create that whimsical wonderland you always wanted your house to be.

Floral Watercolour 

Floral watercolour wallpaper
Photo credit: etsy.com.nz/lovecoloRAY

This gorgeous masterpiece designed by an Esty shop owner from Poland is perfect for a reading nook. The light floral colours will do nothing but soothe your mind and allow you to completely relax and bask in the beauty of the space you are in.

A Sea Of Blue

Splash of blue watercolour wallpaper
Photo credit: murawall.com

Stick this in your office. A splash of blue is guaranteed to stimulate the mind when you need to get work done. After all, blue is the colour of the mind and reflects intelligence, coolness and serenity.

Shades Of Gray

Abstract painting watercolour wall
Photo credit: whitneydonae.com

Who would’ve guessed that something as simple as streaks of grey could look so good? Again, you never know how much of a difference these gorgeous wallpapers will make until you put them on. It just lifts the overall atmosphere of the apartment and the uniqueness of this piece will ensure you that your home design is always one of a kind.

Flower Power

baeutiful floral mural

Want to turn your boring apartment into a chic and sophisticated dream home without losing your whimsical sense of style? Try this bold masterpiece! You can never go wrong with vibrant florals splayed across your wall.

Paint Splatters

  Colourful wallpaperPhoto credit: livinator.com  

Everyone needs a splash of colour – or more – in their lives and what better place for that than your bedroom? Long gone are the days of boring monotone walls, thanks to the charming paint splatters.

Artistic Getaway

Green watercolour wallPhoto credit: etsy.com/anewalldecor

When all else fails, just go for a random splash of colour. The greens are just exquisite here. This feature wall changes the mood and uplifts the entirety of the house. 

Note that it’s important not to cover your entire house with wallpapers, because that’s going to be really costly and a real pain to maintain. Instead, choose one or two feature walls that you’d like to apply some creativity onto. This is to ensure that the house does not get overwhelmingly colourful, which will just result in your home looking like the inside of a cotton candy stick.

There are countless of designs and shops online where you can search for the best watercolour wallpapers to suit your needs. Before you install any, get your walls cleaned and primed to prevent the wallpapers from losing its adhesiveness. If you need help installing them or if you need help in the designing department, head on over to Kaodim and we will gladly help you find the perfect professionals to transform your house into that whimsical, joyful wonderland. Happy decorating!

written by Tashya Viknesh