Why You Should Have A Minimalist Home

When you walk into the humble abode of a minimalist, 3 things stand out to you: the limited furniture in the room, the way your voice ricochets off the walls, and the spaciousness of the place. A true minimalist doesn’t believe in crowding the home with knick-knacks. Naoki Numahata, the Japanese minimalist who made international headlines last month for his eclectic choice in minimalism, told The Guardian that he chose this lifestyle so that the things he loves can surface in his life.

naoki numahata sink minimalistNaoki’s kitchen sink/ Photo credit: themalaymail.com

Living a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t just mean throwing out your stuff but also decluttering your personal life and rejuvenating your soul. As a beginner, it is going to be hard to let go of certain things you’ve held on to for so many years. But just know that this process is going to make you feel so much better about your surroundings and most importantly, yourself. Here are some tips that will help you kickstart your journey.

chair and desk white wall interior

Set A Goal

This is extremely important because it will steer you towards the direction you want to go. Make a goal on how you want your life to be, what you want your house to look like or maybe how you handle certain relationships with friends and family. Minimalism is a way to stop the immense greed around us so you can start appreciating what you have. Setting a goal will help you learn to live with much less and appreciate the little things in life.

minimalist living room


This seems like a no-brainer, but it requires plenty of thought. We have become a society that prides itself in materialism. We associate material wealth with prestige, so we get constantly sucked into buying stuff we don’t need and saying yes to to things we don’t want to do. Set aside 1 day every week to go through all the things in your home and make decisions on whether you need it or not. 90% of the time, you don’t need them. Take pride in knowing that you are capable of detaching yourself from these materialistic items that barely give you a true sense of fulfillment. The next time you’re caught in a materialistic dilemma, always remember that real happiness stems from within, not the store.

chair and basket minimalist room

Minimize Your Decorations And Furniture

Set a rule of thumb for yourself, where every piece of furniture or decorative item that you get needs to earn its space in your home. It could be the most practical thing in the store, like a brand new sofa that you don’t have – but before splurging on that chunky thing, ask yourself if it even complies with the colour of your wall or the aesthetics of your space, and most importantly, your budget. And if you need some help removing heavy furniture from your home, contact our professional movers at Kaodim to help you with the heavy lifting.

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Stick To Simple Shades For The Wall

Your interior design should reflect your pursuit of minimalism. Of course, being a minimalist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go off tangent and pick a sprightly colour like green or blue, but interior designers will assure you that simple shades such as white, gray and nude will easily compliment any furniture.

sweet living room minimalist

Practice Makes Perfect

It will be hard to live this way at first, but it will be worth it. Always keep the aesthetics of this lifestyle at  the back of your mind: less is more. When you decide to buy something you don’t need, stop yourself, evaluate the situation and decide if you need it or not. Train yourself to buy what you need rather than what you want or because you saw your friend have it so you need one to. This will not only save you a lot of money but also keep your belongings to a controlled level.

There are benefits from leading this lifestyle. Firstly, you will learn how to create room for what’s important. When you purge all the unnecessary stuff, you will have room to breathe again and work on things that matter. You will also have a lesser fear of failing. People who live this lifestyle have little to no fear because they have nothing to lose, which is how they live life to the fullest. Minimalistic living is not just about throwing out your unwanted belongings but rather a cleansing of the heart and soul.

So if you have decided to go forth and do it, our movers at Kaodim will gladly help you to declutter your house so you can donate some of the stuff to people who need it more. We also have creative interior designers who can advise you on redesigning your space to accommodate your new lifestyle. You only live once, so make the most of it!