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How to select the best livestock for slaughter?

When the festivities are around the corner, we want to partake in the festivities rather than busying ourselves with looking for the right supplier or lion dance troupe. So whether it is a live cow supplier that you are looking for or a Santa Claus for the Christmas party, let Kaodim help!

The Health Aspect The obvious mark of a healthy animal is a quick, smart appearance with well-disposed body reflexes. When such animals move, they do so steadily with ease, not jerkily or with difficulty. Ordinary signs of ill-health should not escape the attention of the individuals making selection. Abnormal conditions like a high breathing rate, high temperature and fever, a foamy or frothy mouth, diarrhoea and discharges of various sorts from the body are all evidence of a state of ill-health. The Quality Aspect A mature animal simply means a fully developed animal. Thus in sheep the following forms of maturity exist : Lambs (sheep under 1 year); yearlings (sheep about one year old), and mutton (sheep over 1 to 2 years old). Of importance is that some other selection criteria should engage the butcher's attention such as the weight of the animal, its build and shape. Conformation Another yardstick of a meaty, good quality animal is the conformation or build of the animal which is seen in its stocky, rounded full-bodied nature. Such animals must also be short-necked, short-legged, and so on. Well-conformed animals are usually also well-fattened younger stock with fine-textured, palatable meat.