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Pest Control

Exterminate Mosquitoes, Ants, Cockroaches, Bedbugs & Termites

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Signs & Symptoms of Pest Infestation

Mosquito Control

  • Itchy red bumps on human skin

  • Mosquito larvae in stagnant water

  • Mosquitoes buzzing around your ears at night

  • A sudden increase in mosquito activity
  • Cockroach

    Cockroach Control

  • Cockroach faeces

  • Musty odour from cockroach bodies

  • Oval-shaped egg cases found in dark hidden locations
  • Bed+bugs

    Bed Bugs Control

  • Itchy rashes on areas of the skin that are exposed while sleeping

  • Blood stains at the seams of bed (bed bug excrement)

  • Musty smell in the room
  • Ants

    Ant Control

  • Search at Night Time : Most ants tend to be active during non daylight hours so we suggest doing your ant investigation during these hours.

  • Frequent sightings of ants after food is left in the open

  • Swarming winged ants around lights
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    Satisfied with service provided! Will recommend to my family and friends

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    Friendly, Professional and Reliable!