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Here are the average prices of Kaodim's home renovation and improvement contractors from around Singapore. All contractors are pre-screened for quality and come with reviews from past customers. Get your free quote today to compare & hire the best. 

Wire sg

What's included in the service?

  • Inspection
  • General repairs
  • Installation
  • Service & Maintenance

Light sg

What's included in the service?

  • Inspection of installation area
  • Installation of required lightings and fixtures
  • Hacking, cementing, and plastering 
  • Post installation clean-up

Painting sg

What's included in the service?

- Interior wall and trim paint

- Flat / Satin / Eggshell finish options

- Home painting equipment

- Home painting materials and supplies

*Average price is stated for a home estimated at 120 square feet in size.