Home Services Prices in Singapore

Find out the prices for these home services in Singapore now

Home Services Prices in Singapore

House Cleaning Prices

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Aircond Servicing/Repair Prices

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Plumbing Repair Prices

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Residential Moving Prices

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Home Reno/Improvement Prices

Art wall brush painting

Autogate Installation Prices

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Why invest in home services?

Your home is a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility, so treat it like one. Whatever your house requires, we have the solution. If it’s dirty, we have cleaners for the job. If you have a bug infestation, we have pest control services to the rescue! We also offer aircon servicing, plumbing repair and movers who are ready to service you at your request. It’s important to invest in professionals so you can continue to reside in a house that’s clean, bug-free and comfortable.

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Kaodim has a range of home service professionals for you to choose from, whether you need help getting your house cleaned or moving into your new home. We have the right team right here for you. All you have to do is choose the service you want, tell us when and what you need, and we will send you free quotes from home service providers for your convenience.