18 Interior Design And General Contractors

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631 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-906 Singapore, 470631, SG

Hire 18 Interior Design And General Contractors & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

About me

18 Interior Design And General Contractor is a group of self-motivated and well-experienced people that aims to give our clients a quality services. We also cater all types of interior design and construction services. We have been in the industry for a year and we have more than 10 talented experts. 

My services

We provide professional services to our customers

1) Interior Designing

2) Perspective Drawings on all Carpentry Works

3) Site Co-ordination

4) Arrangement for all addition & alteration

5) Lights, Furniture & Accessories

6) Painting, Partition, Parquet, Tiling, Waterproofing, etc,