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About me

Air-Con Maintenance


It's a hot and muggy day outside. You're sweating buckets even by just sitting down. You can think of nothing but going home to chill in your nice, cool, air-conditioned sanctuary. You get home, but...

*oh no!!*

FRUSTRATION! The air-con has been on for 30 minutes and your room STILL isn't cold!

Your home is less-than-welcoming due to the unpleasant odour coming from the air-con!

Your floors have been ruined due to the air-con dripping water!


Any of these scenarios are a pain to deal with. That's why it's important to do regular maintenance on your air-con units. Besides making your air-con run more efficiently to save energy, regular maintenance will prevent foul odours, icing and water leaking.


My services

Our Services

General Normal Servicing

We provide general servicing to residential and commercial customers. General servicing includes cleaning and inspection of system. Typically, general servicing should be carried out every 3 months for residential units and monthly for commercial units (varies with usage and environment).


We provide *free, no-obligation troubleshooting to residential customers. Our technicians are skilled at pinpointing the problem and will consult with you on the best method of repair. Common air-con problems include not being cold enough, too noisy, leaking water, not working, foul odour and icing.

Chemical Wash (Overhaul)

Chemical washes are recommended every 1-2 years for residential units and yearly for commercial units. Chemical washes can be done on both the fan coil unit and condenser unit. It consists of full dismantling of the air-con unit and doing a thorough chemical wash of internal parts and reinstall back to test inorder.


With so many choices of air-con units now, it may be hard to choose. Our friendly technicians can help recommend the right type of air-con for you. We provide installation of all major air-con brands, including Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Fujiair, Fujitsu, McQuay and Mitsubishi Electric.

Maintenance Servicing Contract

Regular servicing should be done on your air-con to keep it running efficiently. We offer yearly maintenance contracts to save you money on your maintenance costs.

For residential customers, we have service contracts for:

- 3 times/year (every 4 months)

- 4 times/year (every 3 months)

- 6 times/year (every 2 months), and

- 12 times/year (every month).

Free Chemical Washing Of Filters And Covers For Every Normal Servicing Done

Contract Customer Benefits:

- Continuous water-leak warranty for duration of contract

- Priority on-call service

- Discounts for spare parts replacement

- Free troubleshooting & diagnosis

My achievements

We belive and treated all customer like our friends.Look through the reviews by them.Will always keep up the good work.

Reviews & Rating

Very good, friendly and fast on work



by Abhi - Wall-mounted Air Con Servicing - over 1 year ago

Very good and meticulous cleaning. It is properly service by the boss itself!! For the price and the service they offer, it is a steal. Attentive and accommodating to our questioning. Highly recommend.



by Ryan Tan - Wall-mounted Air Con Servicing - over 1 year ago

Fantastic service, prompt and efficient! Totally professional and dedicated in making sure my aircon is in tip top condition and pre warned me to use my blanket tonight! :) thanks for assistance!



by Kenneth Lee - Air Con Servicing - over 1 year ago

Very helpful and freindly. Back to normal now so happy...😃😄



by Karen Fong - Air Con Servicing - over 1 year ago

A very professional service at the highest level of quality provide by AIR MAESTRO SERVICES. Get to know more information on air-con servicing from Darric. Highly recommended.



by Nizam - Air Con Servicing - over 1 year ago

Darric was on time, friendly, professional, and took time to explain what he's doing and how to better maintain my aircon. Thanks!



by Pam Foo - Air Cond Servicing - almost 2 years ago

very fast response, able to accommodate my schedule. is puncture for appointment. polite and responsible, also share knowledge on aircon maintenance .


by Tommy Toh - Air Cond Servicing - almost 2 years ago

Friendly staffs. Explanation very clear. Excellent service. I will recommend to my friends and relatives. Thanks.



by Emily Tan - Air Cond Servicing - about 2 years ago

Effective, friendly and on time. Can improve on cleanliness after work though 😊


by James Ooi - Air Cond Servicing - over 2 years ago

They were panctual and professional. Good service. Thanks so much.



by Loren Sophia Gannaban - Air cond Servicing (2-3 units) - over 2 years ago