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About me

Aircon.Com is a partner of Trilight (Singapore).

Incorporated in 2013, we have been serving customers and meeting their air-conditioning needs. We believe in solving problems and aim to understand all our customers' expectations, budget and needs before proposing a more suitable air-conditioning solution.

With many well wishes and trust built with our customers from residential and commercial, we are able to progress and excel in our operations. We are experienced in residential installations, servicing and contracts as well as corporate contracts from Servicing Contracts, Repair Contract and even Extended Warranty Contracts.


Giving all customer a hassle-free, easy experience in choosing us.


To understand every customer needs and expectations, meeting them in excellence.

Core Values


A - Accountability

I - Integrity

R - Reliability

C - Customer-Related

O - Oriented

N - Nimble

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My services


Air Conditioning Benefits & Hazards.jpgJust like car, servicing and maintenance helps improve the performance for the air-conditioning system and also prevent any further damage or defects. Air-conditioning circulates the air within the room or space, hence its always good to keep a good maintenance practice to ensure better room environment. Poor environment may lead to weakening in health; sensitive nose.

Common Servicing Problems:

- Water Leakage

- Insufficient Cooling

- Inconsistent Wind Power

- Smell and odour

- Noisy

My achievements