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About me

A I R P L E specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning units. We extend our reliable services to residential and commercial properties.

With our team of engineering experts and years of experience in the business, be assured that you are getting your money’s worth as we assist you in finding the right air conditioning unit, administering regular maintenance, and having readily-available replacement parts wherever and whenever you need it.

In AIRPLE, on-the-job trainings are provided regularly for our engineers. These trainings ensure that we stay relevant and abreast of technology and industry trends. 


My services

General Servicing
 The general service will usually take place at least once a month for commercial units, and once every three months for domestic aircon.
General Service will basically clean the front panel, and replace the filter which usually gets clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris.

Scope of work
• Removing & washing of air-con filter with water
• Cleaning of fan coil with water
• Clearing of drain pipe with water
• Check for noise problem
• Check for desired temperature

• Prolong life span of air-con
• Prevention of major problems
• Better air circulation
• Save on energy costs

Chemical Overhaul
Aircon chemical overhaul is usually carried out as a corrective and preventive service. Aircon overhaul will be applied after a user has complained or noticed poor or erratic performance. This service will be provided after aircon chemical cleaning, or when chemical cleaning being rendered ineffective. The service will entail disassembling the whole air-conditioning unit and flushing through each and every part. The air filters are removed and thoroughly cleaned with chemicals to ascertain that air is actually flowing through the filter.

The fan bearings are also washed and lubricated to provide smooth operation. Refrigerator gas is also topped up during chemical overhaul. Any faulty or defective part is replaced with a new part. Aircon overhaul will also entail physically examining every part and also testing the device to make sure there are no leakages in the system. Chemical overhaul is usually carried out on units that have not been washed for a number of years. It is aimed at restoring an aircon back to its original state.

Chemical Clean
Aircon chemical service will comprise of general service plus extra cleaning.
This will include using CHEMICAL and other special cleaning compounds.

The cleanup will get rid of stubborn stains, grease, and accumulated dust. The evaporator is also removed and the chemical replaced inside the unit. Unlike general service, aircon chemical cleaning takes place after the aircon has gone through a series of regular services, or the performance of the unit has started to deteriorate.

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by Ankesh Girdhar - Air Cond Servicing in Mounbatten - 15 Feb 2018

The team arrived on time and were very professional in their job. I will definitely contact them again when it is time to service my aircons. Thanks guys!!


by Vivian - Air Cond Servicing in Bukit Batok East - 12 Feb 2018

Best exprience ever. I alway tried those Budget aircon service. And their service is just normal wiping. However, AirPle service is much thorough than I though


by Jason Teo - Air Cond Servicing in Choa Chu Kang - 10 Feb 2018


by Alex Wong - Air Cond Servicing in Geylang - 10 Feb 2018


by SAW THA BLUTE - Air Cond Servicing in Queenstown - 9 Feb 2018

Prompt reply Good attitude


by Jamie Ng - Air Cond Servicing in Yunnan - 5 Feb 2018


by Zane Soo - Air Cond Servicing in Bukit Batok East - 3 Jan 2018


by Steven Siew - Air Cond Servicing in Yishun - 2 Jan 2018

Service was professional done. Will use again the service.


by Philip - Air Cond Servicing in Toh Tuck - 4 Dec 2017


by Louis Teo - Air cond Servicing (2-3 units) in Pasir Ris Central - 1 Dec 2017