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AMG Moving Services was founded and quickly established itself as a professional moving company providing moves and relocation of commercial premises, offices, homes and residences and commercial in Singapore.
The management and staff of AMG Moving Services combined total more than 37 years of moving experiences, covering commercial and residential in Singapore.
Moving to a new home can be both exciting and stressful. Most people engaged professional moving services due to the volume of belongings they have. You have the assurance that we have the necessary equipment and skills to facilitate efficient move with zero or minimal damage. Our staffs are also qualified to help disassemble and reassemble your furniture. Thus saving you lots of time.
Short and long term storage solutions are provided to suit your requirements, be it for your office or your home. All your stored items will be kept in an organised and secured warehouse facility.
Let AMG Moving Services plan your big move for you so that you can have a hassle free moving experiences.
WhatsApp us at 9272 2705 for FREE non-obligation consultation and quotation or Call 8261 3502 for an immediate appointment.



We will make sure that your residential relocation is efficient, and right on schedule for you to settle in your new home right away.
Main Services

• Shifting to new home within Singapore

• Home furniture and equipment move

• Urgent or Immediate relocation of home furniture

Add-on Services

• Piano relocation

• Safe relocation

• Dismantling of fixtures

• Disposal of unused furniture, home equipment and fixtures

• Short and Long term storage at our clean, secured and guarded warehouse

• Installation of wall mounted television

• Handyman services

What you will get

• Hassle free home moving experiences

• No hidden cost, transparent pricing

• On-site quotation and consultation, no obligation

• Supply of free moving boxes for packing of loose items

• Free shrink-wrapping of large household items

• Quality packaging materials to wrap and pack fragile moving items

• Free service for dismantling & re-assembling of general furniture

• Moving insurance (optional)


For international moving, we partner with reputable and established moving companies to ensure good and prompt service at destination. We will advise you on custom documentation to avoid any delay and encumbrance at port. Transit insurance is available so you can ship your possession with peace of mind.


We have helped relocate several offices and successfully meet all their requirements and satisfy their needs. Our services are provided fully with the supply of packing materials and assurance that the products are protected from all areas. We provide free quotations to further benefit you in your moving requirements.
Main Services

• Shifting to new office within Singapore

• Office furniture and equipment move

• Urgent or Immediate relocation of office furniture and equipment

Add-on Services

• Dismantling of fixtures

• Disposal of unused furniture, office equipment and fixtures

• Short and long term storage at our clean, secured and guarded warehouse

• Installation of wall mounted television

• Handyman services


Need no second thoughts. With just a phone call away, we offer full-service waste removal and furniture disposal for your residential or commercial needs including offices, retail, relocations, buildings and product disposal. We will deal with your disposal needs even at the last minute.
Listed are some of the bulky wastes that our company will collect and help:

• Old Table and used chairs

• Old furniture and old sofas

• Used bookcases and worn cabinets

• Old metal filing cabinets or worn display cabinets

• Broken bedside table, used bed and bedframes

• Old mattresses

• Used wardrobes

• Disposed doors

We will remove and dispose your items at designated and approved dumping grounds in Singapore. Our prices are reasonable and inclusive of the handling and dumping charges.


Need extra storage for your excess items? We have room for you.
Are we flexible enough? Whether you have just a few boxes, or countless numbers of boxes and handed-down antique furniture, we offer many storage solutions to fit your individual needs. Sometimes moving your home requires a little more space and added flexibility. For these circumstances, we offer you many onsite storage solutions. Our customers find value in utilising our onsite storage facilities during home renovations, downsizing, and during transitional living between homes.
Be it household items, office equipment or shipment goods, we offer both long and short terms storage service, with flexible length of storage period, absolutely at an affordable rate.


Our success is entirely due to the generosity of other people. We are the same company that we were three years ago, the difference is that other people have commented 'they are really really good', 'they are efficient', and 'their work are neat and careful'. We are also fully aware that those people who have spoken to us or engaged our services actually refer their friends to us. And so the only reason our company’s name and work spread is not because of some complicated marketing plan, but because of the word-of-mouth of those who are happy and satisfied with our services. They showed their appreciation by sharing our name with their friends. We are fully appreciative and aware that our success is because of the generosity of others.



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