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3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 #07-26, Link@AMK, 569139, SG

About me

ARK-hitecture is a Singapore-based company built on a foundation of hard work and dedication. We are devoted to provide our customers with a full range of services including security solutions, design & renovationand related fields of repair and maintenance services. Since the day ARK-hitecture was established, our faith in preserving the trust of our customers has brought us to where we are today. Coupled with our honest and upfront approach, this sets the foundation of ARK-hitecture on-going success and development.

Under the same group of companies is NEWASH Facility Management which was incorporated in 2008. NEWASH provides tailored individual solutions for your business and budget requirements which includes the following services:Facility Management, post-construction cleaning, commercial cleaning, floor waxing, carpet shampooing, window cleaning, janitorial service, residential cleaning and all types of daily office cleaning services.

With the new innovations in the market, and thus high competitive environment in the corporate world, merely having a good command over the business tactics is not enough. With the help of an able construction company, one has to have an appealing workplace that pleases the employees as well as the clients. It is a proven fact that good working environment leads to better results, and this is exactly when a renovation company comes in the picture. A renovation and construction company such as Ark-hitecture, helps to beautify the workplace as well as to make it look more energetic and lively. However, it is equally necessary to understand that a renovation companycan do it’s best only when a proper plan of construction or renovation is laid out.

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  • Thumb project 3   reception
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  • Thumb project 4   meeting room
  • Thumb project 4   pantry
  • Thumb project 4   reception
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My services

Renovation & Construction Works

• Demolition Work for House, Office and Factory – Removal of partitions, ceiling works and handling of electrical system

• General Construction and Extensions Work

• Roofing Construction Services

• Home Renovation for all areas inclusive of pool, garden, balcony and yard

• Carpentry Works which includes flooring, paneling and doors installation

Security Solutions & Surveillance Systems

• Installation and maintenance of Security Systems which includes access control systems, video surveillance systems, alarm monitoring systems and fire detection system

• Tracking solutions including GPS Tracking – For all purposes

Mechanical & Electrical Services ( M&E )

• Lighting Systems – Troubleshooting of any lighting issue and areas related

• Electrical distribution systems including switchboards, transformers, fuse, Switchguard, diesel generators, UPS and power supply

• Mechanical services which includes HVAC & ACMV System, Control System, Motors & Engine and refrigeration works

Building Maintenance & Repair Works

• Carpark maintenance and management

• Fire protection and detection / Fire sprinkler systems

• All painting works – On general surfaces, pipe surfaces and road surfaces

• Any rectification – Ground level or working at height, e.g. applying sealer, repair of crack/seepage, replacement of glass panel, etc.

• Stone Restoration – Polishing of marble/granite flooring to restore the shine, etc

Addition & Alteration Services ( A&A )

Minor alteration – Addition of partitions, carpet installation, piping works, alteration to fire protection system, etc.

Air Condition Maintenance

• Air-con repair – Warm air, water leakage, breakdown

• Basic servicing of Air-con – Cleaning of internal fan coil unit, air filter and external condenser unit

• Chemical servicing of Air-con – Washing of metal coils using chemical solvents

Handy-man Services

• Locksmiths services – doors, cabinets and safe

• Drilling services

Plumbing Services

• Installation and repair work – Pipes, Water Heater, water tanks, taps, sinks etc

• Prevention of leakages – Flush systems, underground and concealed pipes

• Clear chokes in sink, pipes, bath-tubs, urinals and more

My achievements

Alexandra Health Pte Ltd

Hitachi Construction Machinery Asia and Pacific Pte Ltd

Chanel Pte Ltd

Premier Land (East) Pte Ltd

PWG Genetics Pte Ltd