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Blk 324, Hougang Ave 5, #09-95, 530324, SG

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About me

We provide cleaning services for residential and commercial offices. We also provide handyman services like painting.

As a NEA licensed cleaning company, we take pride in providing a good and professional cleaning at all times.

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My services

Weekly housekeeping services, one time housekeeping services, dry cleaning of curtains and daily office cleaning.

My achievements

Customers love our services and some households have engaged us to clean their apartments on a weekly basis. Our corporate clients are some churches and offices. They love our cleaning services and have engaged us to clean their esteemed organization on a daily basis. We have been voted the best service provider on several occassions by our valued customers in the housekeeping/ office cleaning section in the last 6 months since we joined Kaodim in the month of May 2016. We would continue to serve our valued customers with pride and passion in the coming future!

Ratings & reviews

  • "Booked for 3 hours and the cleaner took longer. Only completed vacuum, mop and cleaning the toilets. But the cleaning was good and I Guess first time the lady just needs some time to adjust."

    byEmily -27 Dec 2016House Cleaning inKovan
  • "Satisfactory services. Will use the service again"

    byKym Sor -24 Dec 2016House Cleaning inTiong Bahru
  • "Good service, highly recommended!"

    byKitty -23 Dec 2016House Cleaning inPunggol Central
  • "It was a great cleaning session! Thank you!"

    byCT -16 Dec 2016House Cleaning inBraddell
  • "Marvelous Cleaning Services! Well pleased with Hiyanti's cleaning services. "

    byLYC -15 Dec 2016House Cleaning inChinatown
  • "Thanks to the in charge and his team to come over to clean my apartment for the second time. It is our second time engaging their cleaning services, and I am well pleased with their work! WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!"

    byMr Kaj Halmroos -12 Dec 2016House Cleaning inOrchard Road
  • "1. We had repeatedly told him(the boss) to place wet items on a cloth provided, gave him a ladder etc. But he took no care for our furniture and laminate flooring, and placed his dirty items on our dining table and chair and other carpentry fittings. He even attempted to use our mop, cloth, floor mats (whatever he could grab) stepped on our bay window seat without asking. We had intended for the cloth to be used for cleaner items and not for the feet. Mei Ping, his staff, on the other hand, asked. And was very thoughtful. She placed the window cleaner brush on top of the pail instead of the floor unlike he did, asked if he could use our items or step on our bay window seat, wiped our seats after she was done. What is the point of hiring them to clean if you end up messing up the house even more and I ridiculously have to clean up after them. 2. He constantly complained / indirectly suggested that the windows/glass were so dirty and how other clients cleaned regularly in a condescending manner. That's extremely unprofessional and rude. 3. He wanted to charge us for his man-hours. That was understandable. But he were really horrible at cleaning and ended up leaving water marks everywhere on the glass. He was the boss but he wasn't even a cleaning professional. He didn't know how to clean glass, and told his staff to teach him on the spot. After one demo, he started cleaning. It looked worse than before. More than that, his staff, and even my husband took way shorter time to clean a glass panel and they did it way cleaner. We took a couple of photos with the squeegee watermarks to back our words up. This is so inefficient because why should we pay for his(the boss) hours if someone else could do it more efficiently and faster than him. Lastly, he tried to hide the fact that he was the boss and was the one who came our house and pretended that he was just another staff when in fact, he was the in-charge. We are really not that dumb and have a certain level of discernment. As for my husband, I agree that he could have communicated in a better tone but we were really really upset at that point because we tried to bring our points across to him but he was extremely defensive and mentioned about how the corners were difficult to clean etc. We are really not picky people but we can even be driven to such wrath. We are definitely not be frequenting this company for regular cleaning services and will advise our family and friends who told us to let them know how the cleaning went (because they were all looking for one) to not frequent his company as well. Disappointing."

    byMabel -11 Dec 2016House Cleaning inFernvale
  • "It was great, thank you!"

    byyouna shin -08 Dec 2016House Cleaning inGrange Road
  • byCheryl Tan -02 Dec 2016House Cleaning inHolland Village
  • byMrs Paul -28 Nov 2016House Cleaning inSentosa