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  • "Communication with Cleaning Troops prior to the actual date of cleaning was professional and thorough. However, on the day of cleaning, they did not meet expectations. There was lack of clarity between the cleaners themselves and the woman who had confirmed the booking and provided the quote (something we had agreed to prior was unable to be completed by the cleaners). This meant that there was some conflict and drama on the day of cleaning. I did not appreciate SMS messages from the woman doing the booking which assumed that I was "ordering the cleaners around" when in fact I was asking them questions to confirm what they would be cleaning. The woman doing the booking then threatened to have them pack up and leave. Really, I just wanted them to do the job we had agreed to prior. I did not want nor need the drama. Further, it was apparent both during and after cleaning that the cleaners were not actually good at cleaning. There is a big difference between simply wiping a surface and *scrubbing it* to ensure it is clean! After I complained, the head cleaner did return the next day to re-do some of the sections that had previously not been cleaned properly. I generally feel that these cleaners did not work very hard (they moved very, very slowly -- like they were in no hurry at all -- and I did not see any hard work in cleaning), and that the quality of service was sub-par. I'm glad they returned to re-do sections, but really this was an inconvenience and the strange, demanding messages by the booking woman on the day of cleaning meant that there was drama and misunderstanding. Cleaning Troops service could improve substantially if: - the same person who took the booking/ made the quote showed up in person on the day of cleaning - they considered doing an in-person check when providing a quote (ie., come to view the space to agree on terms and services) - they hire cleaners who take pride in their work and do not want to see clients disappointed -- that is, who WANT to please and do a good job Overall, I did not feel this was good value for money, and I would have happily paid more for improved service. "

    byAdrienne Michetti -14 Jul 2016Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning inBishan