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DDQ Services
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  • Nora
  • 10 Anson Road, 79903, SG
  • 53215180A

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About me

Have you ever felt like you are constantly fighting a losing battle; you feel your home is still dusty and dirty despite a whole day of cleaning?
DDQ SERVICES is your solution to your cleaning problems!
Unlike many other cleaning companies, DDQ SERVICES (formerly known as DDQ The Mites Buster) not only cleans and removes dirt, we also disinfect and sanitize; making your environment cleaner and healthier for your family. DDQ SERVICES, is a Disinfection and Sanitization Cleaning Agency based in Singapore.
Equipped with powerful state-of-the-art hospital-grade vacuums, high temperature steam machines and other sophisticated hospital-grade equipment and solutions, we guarantee that the cleanliness of your homes and offices will increase tremendously!
DDQ Services is committed to put smiles on our Clients’ faces towards a cleaner and healthier living environment.
DDQ SERVICES cares for you and the environment!


My services

We are the Experts when it comes to your personal needs such as:
Disinfection and Sanitizing Services for Residential and Commercial
Dustmites and Allergens Control (Mattresses, Carpets, Sofas and other Upholstery)
Mattress and Carpet Stain Removal
Germicide and Anti-Viral Prevention and Extermination

My achievements

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