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Refreshing Homes, Refreshing Lives.

DEW Homes was founded to provide reliable and hassle-free residential housekeeping and cleaning services to homes in Singapore. We understand the importance of living in a clean environment and how the beauty of a residence brings comfort and pride to home owners.

Our Values
Diligence - Besides general cleaning and ironing, our staff look out for opportunities to offer fine touches that will enhance the beauty of your residence.
Excellence - Our household service worker will complete a 2-week training programme before any cleaning job is assigned to them. This ensures the quality of our cleaning services.
Well-Being - We develop and maintain a culture of care in the company by first taking care of our staff so that they will do likewise for our customers and the homes under their care.

Our Promise
We strive to always deliver more than expected. We keep your residence clean and beautiful so that you and your loved ones return to a refreshing home everyday.


DEW Refresh (Regular Housekeeping Services)

DEW Refresh is a reliable and hassle-free regular residential housekeeping service. Every week, your household service worker visits for house cleaning, ironing and to offer fine touches to enhance the beauty of your residence. We maintain the quality of your living environment so that you always return to a refreshing home.

Quality - Our staff complete a 2-week training programme when they join us. The training equips them with the necessary skills and positive attitude before taking up any cleaning job assignments.

Reliability - All our staff and supervisors are full-time employees of DEW Homes Pte. Ltd.

Assurance - Our supervisors make regular site visits to ensure the quality of the cleaning assignments and be the point of contact for customer support.

DEW Clean-Pack

DEW Clean-Pack consists of a wide range of cleaning chemicals selected to meet various residential and commercial cleaning needs. Our DEW Refresh customers will receive FREE long-term supply of the full set of cleaning chemicals worth S$43.90!


Testimonials by DEW Homes' Customers


Ratings & reviews

89 ratings


Reum Koo almost 2 years ago

I'm satisfied in she was kind and working hard, workers are professional in the manner they carry out their work.

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Hi Reum, Dew Homes is proud to receive yet another 5* rating! Thank you for the kind words of affirmation, we simply love it when customers describe us as "professional" - a value that we hold very close to our hearts, determined to be different from others and of course the best in Singapore! We have shared your review with the assigned staff and she is just as grateful towards you for being patient in explaining to her your expectations! Thank you!

Annie Han almost 2 years ago

Thoon was efficient and detailed. Satisfied with her service.

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Hi Annie, we are delighted to receive yet another *****5-star***** rating from a happy customer! We at Dew Homes take pride in providing quality housekeeping services to each and every one of our customers. In order to deliver this, our staff are carefully selected and properly trained. Anchored on our corporate values of "Diligence" and "Excellence", equipped with the Dew Clean-Pack, we are proud to know that once again, our staff are recognised as efficient and detailed in their work! Cheers!

Hanna Chew almost 2 years ago

Edwin from Dew Homes is very helpful on arranging the cleaner for me. As I were making the booking last minute, he tried his best to get me a cleaner and he did it. Thank you so much!

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Hi Hanna, thank you very much for affirming the good work by Dew Homes. We understood that the situation that you were facing and was happy that we managed to provide the cleaning service that you were looking for. Cheers!

Angela Ang almost 2 years ago

Housekeeper MU MU is great. She is fast, punctual and does all things i requested on time.

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Hi Angela,thank you very much for giving Dew Homes such an excellent rating. We are delighted to receive yet another 5* rating from a happy customer! At Dew Homes, our team of diligent housekeeping staff are committed to providing reliable and hassle-free house cleaning services of high work quality! Cheers!

Samuel almost 2 years ago

Signed up the promo 3hr adhoc regular cleaning service. Thandar was professional and diligent in her work. Overall very satisfied with the service. Thanks

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Hi Samuel,thank you very much for giving Dew Homes such an excellent rating. We are delighted to receive yet another 5* rating from a happy customer! At Dew Homes, our team of diligent housekeeping staff are committed to providing reliable and hassle-free house cleaning services of high work quality! Cheers!

Marie Cormier about 2 years ago

fast replies to emails and messages, experienced cleaner using Dew-Homes brand cleaning products, pleasant transaction, will recommend, thank you.

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Dear Marie, we at Dew Homes would like to express our gratitude for your excellent 5* rating and kind words of affirmation. We are proud of the Dew Clean-Pack which often receives positive feedback from our customers. The in-house brand of cleaning products enhance work efficiency of our housekeeping staff and is something that we at Dew Homes are really proud of. Once again, thank you and welcome to Dew Homes!

Nolan Kuok about 2 years ago

Dew Homes is very professional, really different from the other companies that I have booked so far. Cleaner arrived slightly early than the actual timing but we are fine with that. Cleaning was very very good and the cleaner was very polite. Happy to have finally found a good one after trying out so many. Will recommend Dew homes!

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Hi Mr Kuok, thank you very much for acknowledging my company's professionalism and the work quality of my operations team. We at Dew Homes are committed to keeping our customers' residence clean and beautiful so that home owners like you will return to a refreshing home everyday! The particular staff who is currently serving you will be commended based on your wonderful comments and excellent rating. Thank you!

Sharon Pang about 2 years ago

I had a pleasant previous 1-month booking with cleaner Siti last year. This March, I engaged Dew Homes again and I’m utterly disappointed. The first part time cleaner used a single piece of Magic-clean to wipe my whole house- 2 rooms, living room, kitchen and spin the mop dry before mopping the floor. The entire house was so sticky after she left. I had about 25 pieces of clothing to be ironed and she only refilled the water in the iron once and most of the clothes were still crumpled after she had ironed them. After communicating with Edwin, he managed to get Siti for my bookings again. However, Siti took leave at the last min and changed my appointment 2 out of 3 times. Today’s experience was the worse. The part time cleaner came 20mins late, took 10mins to change, wore my Husband’s fabric/foam slippers to wash the toilet without permission, leaving the slippers soaking wet when she left, left the floor dusty, ironed half the clothes because “time is up”. She did not even have the courtesy to let me know that she did not finish her work. She took very frequent toilet breaks, saw her daydreaming several times while ironing. I am utterly utterly disappointed with this company. They have caused my family a lot of inconvenience by cancelling appointments at the last minute. And sending sloppy workers that required me to redo their work. I will definitely not recommend this company, especially their part timers to anybody.

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:


Maggie about 2 years ago

Pleasant 1st experience on cleaning service by Pan Pan.

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Hi Maggie, thank you for awarding Dew Homes yet another 5* rating and please be rest assured that the standards on the cleaning service will constantly be monitored to ensure consistency. Pan Pan has been commended upon we receiving your 5* rating and positive comments. Cheers!

Pearline Chen over 2 years ago

Moe Moe is a very efficient and nice lady who cleaned diligently at my place.... satisfied with her cleaning😊 Diyaanah has been very friendly and prompt in replies so it has been a great pleasure liaising for the service request. Thank you both!

Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. replied:

Hi Pearline, we are delighted to receive yet another 5* star rating from a happy customer of Dew Homes! Your compliments for Diyaanah and Moe Moe are also much appreciated! Such affirmation is extremely important to us because at Dew Homes, nothing else is more important than delivering beyond what is expected from our customers. Thank you very much! Cheers!

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