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About me

Refreshing Homes, Refreshing Lives.

DEW Homes was founded to provide reliable and hassle-free residential housekeeping and cleaning services to homes in Singapore. We understand the importance of living in a clean environment and how the beauty of a residence brings comfort and pride to home owners.

Our Values
Diligence - Besides general cleaning and ironing, our staff look out for opportunities to offer fine touches that will enhance the beauty of your residence.
Excellence - Our household service worker will complete a 2-week training programme before any cleaning job is assigned to them. This ensures the quality of our cleaning services.
Well-Being - We develop and maintain a culture of care in the company by first taking care of our staff so that they will do likewise for our customers and the homes under their care.

Our Promise
We strive to always deliver more than expected. We keep your residence clean and beautiful so that you and your loved ones return to a refreshing home everyday.


My services

DEW Refresh (Regular Housekeeping Services)

DEW Refresh is a reliable and hassle-free regular residential housekeeping service. Every week, your household service worker visits for house cleaning, ironing and to offer fine touches to enhance the beauty of your residence. We maintain the quality of your living environment so that you always return to a refreshing home.

Quality - Our staff complete a 2-week training programme when they join us. The training equips them with the necessary skills and positive attitude before taking up any cleaning job assignments.

Reliability - All our staff and supervisors are full-time employees of DEW Homes Pte. Ltd.

Assurance - Our supervisors make regular site visits to ensure the quality of the cleaning assignments and be the point of contact for customer support.

DEW Clean-Pack

DEW Clean-Pack consists of a wide range of cleaning chemicals selected to meet various residential and commercial cleaning needs. Our DEW Refresh customers will receive FREE long-term supply of the full set of cleaning chemicals worth S$43.90!

My achievements

Testimonials by DEW Homes' Customers

Reviews & Rating

Althought there were no calls upon arrival and the house cleaner was late for 15mins but overall experience was good. The house cleaner did an execellence job.



by Winnie Teo - House Cleaning - almost 2 years ago

Hi Winnie, we are delighted to receive yet another 5-star rating from a happy customer of Dew Homes. As yesterday's session was the very first one, the staff assigned to you was slightly confused by the directions. Given Thinzar's positive work attitude, we are sure that she will be punctual from the next session onwards. Your compliments for the excellent job done has also been conveyed to her. She is motivated and will keep up the good work. Cheers!

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 24 Sep 2017

Manager was friendly and helpful during liaison. Cleaner was punctual and professional. The cleaning performed was excellent and beyond expectations.



by Ang Fonteyn - House Cleaning - about 2 years ago

Thank you, Fonteyn for giving Dew Homes yet another 5* rating! All our housekeeping staff are full-time employees of the company and would have completed the training programme before any assignment can be given to them. Your positive comments have been conveyed to the particular staff and she is delighted to know that her efforts were appreciated. Cheers!

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 18 Sep 2017

From the start I have received a positive experience from the management of Dew home. They handle with professionalism who are responsive. The helper came on time and is ready to do her work we are happy so far but will monitor for another 2 to 3 session. We have no regrets choosing Dew Home



by Vernon Wee - House Cleaning - about 2 years ago

Hi Vernon, thank you for giving us such an excellent review and rating. At Dew Homes, we are always committed to providing reliable and quality housekeeping services to our customers. Once again, welcome to Dew Homes! Cheers!

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 12 Aug 2017

Happy with their service. Reliable. Overall good. Will recommend.


by Mdm. Kor - House Cleaning - about 2 years ago

Hi Mdm Kor, thank you for giving Dew Homes such a excellent review! I am delighted to know that my team has once again made a positive difference to our customers. Please be assured that the management will continue to ensure reliability and quality of our housekeeping services. Once again, welcome to Dew Homes. Cheers!

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 24 Jul 2017

Cleaning helper Mdm Tran was half an hour late, later we found that it was because the initially assigned staff was on mc. Cleaning order was rather disorganized as she was moving from room to room frequently and I wasn't sure what she was cleaning. Pros: Home was generally clean. She cleaned our windows which was great. Cons: Hard to keep track of what she cleaned. Did not clean both toilets (sink, bowl) which still had dirt.


by Lilian - Cleaning Service (1 session) - about 2 years ago

Hi Lilian, thanks for the feedback. I'd like to offer you a complimentary session despite the 4-star rating and comment that the house was "generally clean". At Dew Homes, we always strive to achieve excellence in order to differentiate ourselves from others in the same industry. My staff will be contacting you very soon to follow up on this.

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 30 Jun 2017

Service was beyond excellent, staff provided was not only professional but very thorough. Thank you again



by sadiq - Cleaning Service (1 session) - about 2 years ago

Hi Sadiq, thank you once again for giving us such an excellent rating and comments. It was a pleasure serving you. We hope to hear from you again soon!

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 28 Jun 2017

The Cleaner is very good in wiping tables chairs shelves some windows vacuuming and mopping Though she missed scrubbing the toilet floor and WC She did help in changing sheets for one bed and ironed 10 items though creases still seen


by Roberta Goh - - over 2 years ago

Edwin was prompt in his response and understood my requirements.



by Susila Johnston - - almost 3 years ago

Good service, punctual and very reasonable in price and scheduling. Definitely will use their service again



by Andana - - about 3 years ago

I'm very pleased with the responses and the services Dew Homes provided. will certainly book them again :).



by Chris - - about 3 years ago