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About me

Refreshing Homes, Refreshing Lives.

DEW Homes was founded to provide reliable and hassle-free residential housekeeping and cleaning services to homes in Singapore. We understand the importance of living in a clean environment and how the beauty of a residence brings comfort and pride to home owners.

Our Values
Diligence - Besides general cleaning and ironing, our staff look out for opportunities to offer fine touches that will enhance the beauty of your residence.
Excellence - Our household service worker will complete a 2-week training programme before any cleaning job is assigned to them. This ensures the quality of our cleaning services.
Well-Being - We develop and maintain a culture of care in the company by first taking care of our staff so that they will do likewise for our customers and the homes under their care.

Our Promise
We strive to always deliver more than expected. We keep your residence clean and beautiful so that you and your loved ones return to a refreshing home everyday.


My services

DEW Refresh (Regular Housekeeping Services)

DEW Refresh is a reliable and hassle-free regular residential housekeeping service. Every week, your household service worker visits for house cleaning, ironing and to offer fine touches to enhance the beauty of your residence. We maintain the quality of your living environment so that you always return to a refreshing home.

Quality - Our staff complete a 2-week training programme when they join us. The training equips them with the necessary skills and positive attitude before taking up any cleaning job assignments.

Reliability - All our staff and supervisors are full-time employees of DEW Homes Pte. Ltd.

Assurance - Our supervisors make regular site visits to ensure the quality of the cleaning assignments and be the point of contact for customer support.

DEW Clean-Pack

DEW Clean-Pack consists of a wide range of cleaning chemicals selected to meet various residential and commercial cleaning needs. Our DEW Refresh customers will receive FREE long-term supply of the full set of cleaning chemicals worth S$43.90!

My achievements

Testimonials by DEW Homes' Customers

Reviews & Rating

I knew from beginning that their clients are important to them. From quick replies back via email and being able to arrange all in a short time frame. Meeting Mr Edwin also confirmed to me that they will be the best for us. As he visited the house to make sure what housekeeping would be required. We had our first house keeping service, she arrive well on time, was well organized, and very thorough in the work, everything done as discussed with Mr Edwin on our meeting. Thank you so much. Would recommend!



by arzelle - - almost 4 years ago

Dear Ms Arzelle, thank you for awarding us a 5* rating and also taking the trouble to write such a flattering review. We will continue to monitor the weekly housekeeping work and stay in touch with you to ensure that the quality of our service is maintained. Please feel free to contact us should you have suggestions on how we can do even better. Once again, thank you.

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 9 Oct 2015

Good professional staff.


by Claudio Tarenzi - - almost 4 years ago

Hi Mr Claudio, thank you for the positive review and very good rating. The staff whom we had assigned to you will continue to do her best in her weekly housekeeping duties. Please feel free to contact us should there be any other feedback in the future and we shall respond promptly.

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 24 Sep 2015

May be if I can have more choise will be better.


by flora - - about 4 years ago

Hi Flora, thank you for affirming our efforts and also giving us feedback so that we can do even better. As for the "more choices" mentioned by you, do let us know if you are referring to more choices among our housekeeping staff and we will make the necessary arrangements. Otherwise, if you are referring to the number of quotes that you have obtained through this portal, we might not have the relevant info to comment. Nevertheless, we will monitor the weekly housekeeping work at your residence and always ready should you have other suggestions for us. Thank you!

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 9 Oct 2015

Prompt response with good service.



by Ai Ling - - about 4 years ago

Hi Ms Lim, thank you for giving us such an excellent rating and positive review. We also appreciate your support in making arrangements in order for the ad-hoc house cleaning session to go ahead within a very short notice. We definitely look forward to hearing from you again and will ensure that we continue to deliver quality housekeeping services. Cheers!

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 21 Jul 2015

Responsive to needs and very helpful


by Ahijit Dutta - - about 4 years ago

Dear Mr Ahijit, thank you for the review and good rating. It has been a pleasure serving you. We are happy to know that the staff whom we had assigned to you is doing well and will ensure that the quality of our housekeeping work is well maintained. Thank you.

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 6 Jul 2015

I am fully satisfied using Kaodim and able to engage the professional service of Dew Homes. Mr Edwin delivers what he promises. And his workers are very friendly and helpful. The cleaning was very thorough, better than engaging a foreign domestic helper. I know that for sure as I had domestic helper for the past 13 years. Why I had opted for Dew Homes in the first place as I like very much the biodegradable liquid detergent. I don't have to worry buying the right detergent for every corner of my house. :) Thank you for your excellent services



by Julita - - about 4 years ago

Hi Julita, we are happy to know that our housekeeping services have met your expectations and really appreciate your kind words of affirmation. The cleaning chemicals included in the DEW Clean-Pack have been specially selected for effective and efficient cleaning works. It is environmentally-friendly, gentle on furniture surfaces and safe for young children. The 4 pieces of micro-fibre cloth are also made of 100% genuine micro-fibre for thorough surface-cleaning. Thank you for the support for DEW Clean-Pack. Please feel free to let us know should you have other feedback or suggestions in the future.

by Dew Homes Pte. Ltd. - 30 Jun 2015