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Dezign Culture is a Singapore-based interior design firm with over 10 years of experience in doing what we do best - specializing in design for residential homes and commercial spaces.
At Dezign Culture, we understand the importance of well-planned layouts and fully-utilised spaces that suit your needs. Our team of experienced designers and contractors work seamlessly together with you, to devise a perfection solution that is both cost-efficient and functional to cater to your unique needs.
Dezign Culture provides an all-round service – from before, to during and after sales service. We provide our clients with 3D visualisations of proposed design plans, to enable our clients to visualise their dream space.



• Space planning and furniture layout
• 3D perspective drawing
• Material and colour proposal
• Site supervision
• ISO formatted project management

Demolition works

• Hacking of kitchen and bathroom’s floor and wall finishes
• Hacking of living and dining floor and skirting
• Hacking of all bedrooms’ skirting only
• Hacking of cement motar base
• Dismantling of kitchen cabinets
• Dismantling of bathroom fittings and accessories, door and door frame

Masonry works

• Supply and lay homogeneous floor tiles at living/dining c/w skirting
• Supply and lay laminate floorboard at all bedrooms c/w skirting
• Supply and lay non-slip homogeneous floor tiles at kitchen and 2 toilets
• Supply and lay homogeneous/ ceramic wall tiles at kitchen and 2 toilets
• Apply HDB approved water-proofing
• Construct 50mm kitchen cabinet/washing machine/fridge base

Plumbing works

• Run whole house stainless steel cold water piping
• Labour to install water closets and basin
• Labour to install instant heater
• Labour to install stainless steel kitchen sink
• Labour to install whole house water taps
• Labour to install bathroom accessories
• Supply and install inlet and outlet piping for kitchen sink and washing machine

Electrical works

• Labour to install whole house lightings
• Whole house rewiring

Door works

• Supply and install aluminum acrylic Bi-fold door for all restrooms
• Supply and install doors for bedrooms, main door entrances etc
• Supply and install gates for main door entrances

Painting Works

• Painting of whole house using Nippon paint
• Painting of door frames, gate and all pipes

Carpentry works

• To design, fabricate and install 18ft. Kitchen cabinet c/w Laminated finish & ABS trimming
• 1 chest of drawers
• Stainless steel dish rack
• Cutlery tray
• 1 hydraulic system door c/w glass
• Labour to install cooker hood and hob
• Vanity tops at bathrooms
• TV console/feature wall, wardrobe, study table etc
• Post form top


• Lay corrugated paper to protect new flooring
• Chemical washing for newly tiled area only
• Application of HDB permit




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