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Everlast Engineering Aircon
provides only trusted aircon servicing with the best experience in the market. We strongly believe in a long term relationship and provide dedicated after service.
Everlast Engineering Aircon
provides reliable aircon servicing in Singapore for HDB, condo, offices and private landed properties.
Save hassle, effort and money on having the best experience and dedicated aircon servicing company in Singapore. We provide the best aircon servicing solutions in Singapore.
Everlast Engineering Aircon
is your best solution for cleaner and cooler air in your home.


General service
of air conditioner is needed to keep your air conditioner equipment working in its best condition.
What do you get for General Service

1. Cleaning of evaporator coil

2. Cleaning of condenser coil

3. Cleaning of condensate drain pan

4. Cleaning of condensate water drainage system

5. Cleaning of blower wheel and blade

6. Checking of all electrical component

7. Checking of all setting

8. Lubricating of all moving parts

9. Checking of refrigerant system

Chemical Service

If your air conditioner has been working for years without proper maintenance, then its time for you to have your equipment to go for an overhaul or better known as chemical service.
What do you get for Chemical Service

1. Dismantle evaporator unit for chemical cleaning

2. Chemical cleaning of evaporator coil

3. Cleaning of condenser coil

4. Cleaning of condensate drain pan

5. Cleaning of condensate water drainage system

6. Cleaning of blower wheel and blade

7. Checking of all electrical component

8. Checking of all setting

9. Lubricating of all moving parts

10. Re-installation of evaporator unit

11. Checking of refrigerant system

Steam Cleaning Service

The fast and non-abrasive treatment that kills germs, bacterial and bugs trapped in the airconditioner. The highly heated steam softens the grease that binds dirt onto the evaporator coil.The dirt particles are dislodged and wiped away, leaving the coil completely sanitized. Steam cleaning is the safer and cleaner choice without the use of harmful chemicals associated with asthma, cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.
What do you get for Steam Cleaning Service

1. Clean and wash the filters

2. Steam Clean the evaporator coil

3. Check the condenser unit

4. Clean the blower wheel and fan blade

5. Clean the drain pan

6. Flush the drain pipe

7. Check for noise problem

8. Check all electrical components

9. Check the refrigerant system

10. Test run




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