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  • Dominic Lim
  • 1014 GEYLANG EAST AVENUE 3 #05-240, 389729, SG
  • 201701237H

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About me

Being in the cleaning industry for more than 5 years, our moto never change. We believe in delivery good services and quality work in exchange for customer satisfaction. We have both locally and foreign trained professional cleaners with fully equip knowledge, as we also conduct weekly/monthly training for all our cleaner so that they are always operational ready for deployment. We treat our customer place as our own, so we use high quality materials without compromising your home/office cleanliness and we do have systematic approach to establishing and maintaining strict standards.

My services

Our crew are well-trained on all types of home and office cleaning services.

For home, we have crew that are specialize on regular home cleaning, moving in/out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, thorough cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, etc.. We want you to have a peace of mind when comes to one stop solutions when you are moving in to your new home or moving off from the premise. We offer competitive bundle package for customer that engage us not only just for cleaning services, but also services such as plumbing works, painting services, handyman work, professional mover services, pest control, air-con servicing, curtain dry/steam cleaning, sofa steam cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, electrical works and many more. As such, customer only need to deal directly with us instead of communicating with too many personnel and the best thing is price are almost the same!

Services we provide;

Home regular cleaning
Moving in/out cleaning
Post-renovation cleaning
Thorough cleaning
Spring cleaning
Deep cleaning
Home Disinfectant cleaning
Pest Control
Plumbing Works
Handyman work
Professional mover services
Pest Control
Air-con servicing
Curtain dry/steam cleaning
Sofa steam cleaning
Mattress steam cleaning
Electrical works

You can check more of our services via our website @ or our facebook page @

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by Leonard ang - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - about 1 hour ago

Super responsive and accommodating to rescheduling. The cleaners were efficient and did a great job!



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by Shermaine Eng - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - 5 days ago

Very happy with this cleaning service. They are price competitively, cleaning standards are very high and are a delight to deal with. Highly recommend..!



Reasonableprice selectedReasonable PriceExcellentservice selectedExcellent ServiceFastefficient selectedFast and EfficientPunctual selectedPunctualHelpfulfriendly selectedHelpful & FriendlyRespsonsive selectedResponsive

by Ben Turner - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - 8 days ago

It was confirmed via WhatsApp that $264 for 8 man hours of cleaning and I paid extra $100 for 2 toilet chemical cleaning. Only 3 ppl came to do the job for the price of $364


by Melly Chua - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - 11 days ago



by william - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - 23 days ago

Hi Willam, thank you for your review.


i was quoted additional $50 because it was a job on Sunday. This $50 was over and above the quotation in kaodim. I had also made clear the size of my house and what needs to be done, also aligned job scope with boss, Dominic. however, when supervisor arrived... he lamented why dominic quoted price and agreed on task without site inspection. thereafter he proceeded to say that many things were not covered. Toilets and balconies were NOT washed. only MOPPED. Louvers and mirrors in bathrooms are cleaned up till eye level. whenever i told him a specific area was still not clean, he proceeded to scold and insult the workers who are foreigners e.g. myanmar, vietnamese and indian. They are very young. early 20s. they have no experience in cleaning and that's also partly the reason why the got scolded so badly throughout the day. they even have problem with the mopping techniques. supervisor was demeaning and derogatory in his remarks job was meant to be 24 hours. they left slightly after 6.5 hours. the team included 3 workers + 1 supervisor. when i asked how is that 24 hours? supervisor counted himself as 1 headcount. However, he was NOT in the house for 3 hours after lunch; he claimed he went out to run an errand. even chided me when i inform Dom that he's left the site. Also... only his mouth moved. hardly his hands. all in all, I'm not satisfied at all... they even damaged my flooring till i had to call in an independent contractor to mend the parquet. both Dom and Denis are aware. I do feel cheated and the supervisor was a nightmarish experience. I paid $700 in total for 24 hours. but after that, I had to spend the next 2 days cleaning on my own. the mop they use is very dirty and very wet... doesn't clean at all... I had to supply my own mop. I think if the supervisor had spent less time complaining and moving his hands instead of his mouth; it would have really helped. EDIT - this is my response after seeing reply of vendor STEER clear of this vendor noticed how he never explained why supervisor disappeared in the afternoon for few hours and how 6.5 hours of 3 working people + 1 mouth-working person equates to 24 man hours also, while he pointed out i was discriminating young folks for being inexperienced... he didn't say why they got scolded so badly by the supervisor. If indeed they were so experienced and good in their work, why were they scolded so badly with derogatory remarks all day? when i submitted my request online... I already made known the requested date was a Sunday. If this was a known fact, why wasn't i quoted the surcharge upfront on the website? why isn't the surcharge made known at the start of the job request when it was explicit the job was on a sunday? also, I'm perfectly fine that no site inspection is carried out. you've totally misunderstood me. it's your choice whether u want a site inspection. it's YOUR VERY OWN supervisor who was complaining all day why YOU YOURSELF accepted a job without site inspection! pls get your facts right. you mentioned my contractor did not put do up my parquet properly. then may i ask... there was water EVERYWHERE cause your mop is of such lousy quality. it's not even dry to begin with! how come only that few DOTS were affected? I didn't engage any contractor. I bought my house BRAND NEW from a renowned developer. Shall I get the developer to verify with you what exactly caused the stain? Disappointing vendor. short deliver on the job still not the least bit apologetic!


by Shufen Karen Chong - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - 26 days ago



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by Katy Belle Angelique - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - about 2 months ago

Hi Katy, thank you so much for your kind review 🙆🏼‍♂️


I engaged Fresh Cleaning Pte for 3 services: marble floor polishing, deep cleaning and aircon servicing. 1. Marble floor polishing A lot of cleaning powder left over on my floor. Told the team lead and the supervisor. They looked at it and said they were not sure what it is. Told me it can't be removed for now and will be gone over time through daily mopping. I did not accept it and requested escalation. At the end, they came back after a few hours to clean off the powder with a machine. 2. Deep cleaning They deployed 4 cleaners. They called it deep cleaning but only used towel and disinfect liquid to clean everything. Cleaners wipe very gently. Did not even use brush to scrub or use any strength to remove the dirt. As a result, a lot of dirt (especially in the toilet) still remained. Told the supervisor. He told us if they made it (for example the wardrobe) so clean it would be like "changing a new one for us". We were like speechless. The toilet bowl is not cleaned properly. Reminded the cleaner 3 times to clean it again and it was still not done. We reminded her again, she showed us a "black face". They kept complaining they still have not had their lunch. The worst thing is, one of the cleaner (during the entire cleaning session) dispose the dirt and chemical into our kitchen sink, causing it to choke. Told the supervisor, he said that because they did not want to make my toilet dirty. I was like speechless again. At the end, they sent someone to clear the choke. Silicon work for shower screen is not nice, look ugly. Aircon cleaning - This work is so so. Initially the sales staff told me they would advise me if gas top up or chemical wash is required. At the end, nothing was told. Until I asked a few times they said my aircon is very dirty, need chemical wash. Overall experience: I felt that there are some gap in the company internal communication. Deep cleaning work was not good. The team did not try to rectify the problem in the first place. Keep getting around it and refused to do. Only when you keep insisting they will escalate.


by Danny Do - Floor Polishing - 3 months ago



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by Wilson Ng - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - 3 months ago

Hi Wilson, thank you for your kind review and we hope to see you. 😊


Could have take more initiative to remove any stickers that's in the drawers during cleaning.


by Gary Ng - Post Renovation/Moving In or Out/Thorough Cleaning - 3 months ago

Dear Gary, thank you for your valuable feedback, our standard procedure is always to conduct the handover after the cleaning together with the customer and our supervisor, if you have raise to my supervisor, I am sure my crew would have help you to remove it. On top of that, our sales advisor did ask you if there is any other request in the very beginning before the job is even confirm, but you only said that the sink is yellowish, want us to turn it white if possible. My suggestion probably next time you could tell the vendor more specific on your other request to avoid such review. Cheers! 😊😊