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Kim Meng Transport is a family business that has been around in Singapore since 1987. We deal with all kinds of delivery services. Through the years, until recently, word of mouth has been our only means of advertising. Yet, we have managed to keep the business running for more then 30 years in Singapore.
Over the years, Kim Meng Transport has developed systems and procedures that have helped us serve you better. Kim Meng Transport strives to make your move simple and hassle-free.
Kim Meng Transport movers are experienced.
Our specializations include:

• Removals,

• House moving,

• Office moving,

• Factory moving,

• Delivery,

• 3rd party logistic outsource.

Basically, you can say that Kim Meng Transport specializes in all kinds of transportation services.
Being around for more than 30 years, our workers are reliable and trustworthy. Kim Meng Transport is certainly your most trusted neighbourhood movers.  


Moving your house or office can be mentality taxing if you deal with the wrong mover.

• Kim Meng Transport is here to strive to make your life easier!

• Simply leave your particulars with Kim Meng Transport here.

• Kim Meng Transport will visit your place and give you a free quote with no obligations!

• No more undercharged quotes with hidden costs!

• Kim Meng Transport's experienced quoter will also advise you on how long the move will take.

• You will no longer experience the anxiety of expecting only a 2 hour move and end up with a 6 hour move!

Kim Meng Transport provide free boxes!

• Kim Meng Transport's experienced quoter will take a look at your house/office and advise on the number of boxes you require and it will simply be enough.

• You no longer need to worry about having too little boxes and no being able to get more.

Kim Meng Transport provide packing, assembling and dissembling services!

• Need to dissemble and assemble big items in your office/house? Simply tell Kim Meng Transport's experienced quoter and Kim Meng Transport will take care of it!

• If you feel that you have just too much to pack, simply tell Kim Meng Transport's trustworthy quoter and we will include our packing services!

Simply remember to inform the security house, if you have any, at the place you are moving from and the place you are moving in.

• Just leave your contacts with Kim Meng Transport here and Kim Meng Transport will make your move hassle free!



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