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Cleanton Pte Ltd

Cleanton Pte Ltd

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About me

Certified Commercial and Residential Air Conditioner System Installer in Singapore

We are a prominent air conditioner servicing company in Singapore, is specializes in air conditioning servicing and repairing. Throughout the many year, we have been providing execellent aircon servicing in the region with the mission of providing our customers with a quality lifestyle. By always using up to the minute practices and methods, our services are always reliable as well as effective. We know that the needs of customers are different so we cater to them all.

Our principle is to put our customer in the first priority, solving their Aircon problem with our professional skill, excellent customer services and care. We will keep on providing the best Aircon services with a vision to create a more comfortable and healthy living environment for all of our customer.

As an air-condition service company providing air-condition installation and repair services. We are also available to advise on aircond care. With the expertise of professional technicians, we can solve all your air conditioning problems, repair units and recover the coolness of your unit.

If you are enquire about new aircond installation or looking for any service in Singapore such as aircond service, maintenance, chemical cleaning, repairing, installation and so on then you are at the right place to contact us.

Talk to our staff to find out more about our servicing today.

My services

Normal servicing:
This is to service your air conditioner without causing any mess or discomfort to you. Our normal servicing is a powerful way to increase the performance of your unit.

Parts replacement:
Our engineer can help you replace all types of parts, ensuring the smooth working of your air conditioner.

Our staff have the expertise to troubleshoot and check all type air conditioners of different brands.

Chemical servicing:
We help you to clean and services with chemical wash, helping you resolve any water leak issue and bad odor. It is a miraculous way to perk up the life of your air conditioner in a trouble free way.

Aircon overhaul:
Sometime, we can help you increase the efficiency and life of your air conditioner by using with our quality Aircon overhaul service.

Aircon Gas top up:
We help you enjoy coolest and freshest indoor environment with our gas top up service.

My achievements

Reviews & Rating

Super fast replies and great communication! Got the job done on time too:) thank you



by Valerie Gay - Wall-Mounted Air Con Servicing - Annual Package (Triannual) - 5 months ago

Very professional & friendly Appreciate prompt work completed honestly on time



by Zia - Wall-mounted Air Con Chemical Overhaul - 5 months ago

Punctual and fast.



by Fish Heng Wei Yi - Wall-mounted Air Con Servicing (General) - 7 months ago

First time chemical service , staff is really professional and efficient . Thanks lionciti



by Indah Putri Pranata - Wall-mounted Air Con Servicing (Chemical) - 10 months ago

Job was great, aircon works.


by Liza Flores - Wall-mounted Air Con Servicing - about 1 year ago

Job was very well done, servicing went great. 5 Stars



by Sam Khoo - Wall-mounted Air Con Servicing - about 1 year ago