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Believe it or not, your mattress is teaming with thousands of dust mites who feast on the dead skin cells that collect inside. How does this impact your health, you ask? Many conditions can result from inhaling the excrement of these mites, including; asthma, headaches, bronchitis, – even depression! But don't worry, we're here to help. Mattress Medics specializes in deep cleaning all types of mattresses to kill these mites – and to vacuum away what they may leave behind – to extend the life of your mattress and protect your health. Aside from mattress cleaning, we also provide sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, stain treatment, steam cleaning, among other professional cleaning services. We use dry cleaning, which includes vacuums for removing and extracting general dust and dust mites. No matter how tough the stains are, our thorough cleaning service will get them out. You can count on the experience of our professional cleaners to provide exceptional customer service at all times. For the safety of your children, pets, and family, we will only use chemical-free cleaning solutions. Our professional cleaners can vacuum, disinfect, wash, and steam clean your mattress so that you can have a good night's sleep again. Don't let allergies keep you awake at night. Just book our service today via Kaodim and enjoy the benefits of having a clean and healthy mattress.


Mattress Medics Specializes in cleaning Mattress, fabric sofa / chairs and carpet / rugs for residential.

Our general cleaning process involves
* dirt / dust mites extraction and vacuum,
* super heated steam sanitizing at 165°C
* anti-dust mite / anti-fungal / anti-bacterial spray for mattress and upholstery protection.

Other options includes stain treatment / removal. (pee, vomit, sweat, food, blood, or other protein stains)




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