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A one-stop solution to building your dream home, Maxbuild understands the hassle building a house can be. Here at Maxbuild we have formulated and simplified the process to point clients in the right direction through this tremulous time.

By being the main contact that with your input, Maxbuild play the role of overall project manager. We will design and conceptualize your dream home followed by orchestrating the build process including liaising with architects and engineers to make it as smooth of a process as possible before the final handover.

Throughout a build process, the builder plays the most crucial role. Maxbuild prides itself taking on that role with a significant amount of the works done in-house by our staff. This gives us control over elements of budget and time avoiding any surprises on both ends.

Here at Maxbuild, we understand that busy schedules and lack of experience can complicate a homeowner’s building journey thus Maxbuild ease the ride with our the decade worth of experience and more to handhold our clients throughout the whole process from start to finish.


Waterproofing is a specialized trade in the construction industry, it is often unseen but seldom overlooked when a building is designed and subsequently built.
A sound waterproofing system design potentially saves the building owner hundreds of thousands of dollars, from preventing damage to the internal of the property and its contents, inconvenience to the owner for being unable to utilize the affected space (e.g. hotel room, factory production for generation of revenue, or for recreation and leisure (e.g. swimming pool).
A well designed and properly installed waterproofing system helps preserve the value of the property by maintaining its aesthetics whereas the prevention of water ingress helps prolong the integrity of the concrete of the building. That is in addition to ensuring a peace of mind for its occupants and owners.
A reliable waterproofing system is a result of many factors which include; the inherent design of the structure or building, the quality of the builder’s workmanship, site coordination and planning.
On the same token, the outcome of a waterproofing system installation at a project is highly dependent on factors such as the quality of the waterproofing products used, the capability and experience of the waterproofing specialist carrying out the installation as well as the care taken to ensure post-installation and maintenance of the water-proofing system.
With an outstanding business framework, extensive supplier relations and superior specialist expertise in waterproofing, Bestcoat Singapore has the capability to deliver a superior waterproofing system that meets your specific waterproofing requirements.




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