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31 Kranji Crescent , 728655, SG

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About me

Organic Green Living LLP (OGL) was founded in year 2015 by four young enthusiastic entrepreneurs who came together with their common passion in advocating sustainable food waste initiative and urban gardening and farming activities.​

OGL hopes to provide a simple and easy access platform to reach out to all green lovers and believers for all products related in promoting healthy living and reduces carbon footstep.

OGL Food & Horticulture waste consultancy was formed when the company headed their food waste initiative through recycling of food waste for commercial and households.

To uphold to holistic services, OGL carry a range of fertilizer and potting soil products that suits the needs of different requirements. The product that differentiatesO’Green Living from the rest is its in-house product, Vermicast (a form of organic compost form from composting through Earthworms’ humus). O’Green Living is only producer as well as supplier in Singapore that produces Vermicast in commercial scale that is rich in nutrients and has multiple functions as fertilizer or soils.

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My services

- Soil and Compost, Fertlizer Supplier

- Vertical/Urban Farming Consultancy

- Landscaping Maintenance

- Organic Vegetables Supplier

My achievements