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Parquet Resources
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  • Clive Ang
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About me

Parquet Resources was started in 2014 as a "Subsidiary" company of Seng Hong Parquet Specialist which was started way back almost 30 years ago. We deal with parquet timber floorings, and we have added cleaning services to our category in 2015. We aim to provide customer with reasonable and professional service and we will never hard sell customer with packages.

My services

Residential cleaning Commercial cleaning Parquet timber flooring restoration / repairs Parquet timber flooring installation Timber deckings

My achievements

My best achievement would be my customer satisfaction after each cleaning services.

Reviews & Rating


by Jiun Wei - 11 May 2017


by Tharishni Arumugam - 11 May 2017

I would rate the service a 0 star (unfortunately I couldn't leave the rating blank). 2.5 hours cleaning service and absolutely nothing was cleaned. Cleaner always close the room door (bedroom, toilet, etc) while making cleaning noise pretending to work. When I came around to check, it was pretty much as dirty as it were and I had to clean the entire house myself again. Cleaner's phone was ringing quite a bit and it's rather unprofessional. I wasn't at ease for the entire cleaning duration. I had to keep watching the clock to estimate how much work could be done within the requested 2.5 hours. I had to ask him to stop at 2.5hour without mopping the floor. Why would I waste more money to extend the cleaning service if the floor would remain dirty after mopping. Overall, very disappointing and I wouldn't recommend to anyone.


by Yoga - 10 May 2017

Hi Yoga, becoz this comment box has word limit, I have forwarded my reply to your mobile instead. I apologize for your experience. You booked for a normal $55 basic package which I advise u not to,but u told my cleaner to do a things which is not included in the package and is time consuming.

by Parquet Resources - 24 May 2017


by Jolene - 15 Apr 2017


by Cassandra Siew - 14 Apr 2017


by Christie John - 5 Mar 2017

Very responsive and the cleaning service went well.


by LT - 7 Feb 2017

Good quality, helpful contact person.


by Rachel - 6 Feb 2017


by ashis - 5 Feb 2017

The liaison who organized this for me had been nothing short of being prompt and also the cleaner assigned to me was also very thorough and helped me with a clean house in time for the new year. much appreciated!


by Jeanne - 29 Jan 2017