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RODEX MOVERS, established in 1978, provides superior moving and relocation services, in the local community. Serving both domestic and corporate, RODEX MOVERS brings a fresh and innovative approach to its services, setting a goal to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.
All our employees are distinguished by their customer oriented services combined with their wealth of experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional mover service. In order to meet the individual needs of clients, we provide a wide range of services. 
Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes RODEX MOVERS the ideal choice.


We provide a wide range of services such as delivery, disposal, packaging, warehousing and storage.




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Moving Services - 10 ft Lorry Rental
Moving Services - 14 ft Lorry Rental
Moving Services - Van Rental
Moving Packages - Classic (10-Ft Lorry)
Moving Packages - Deluxe (14-Ft Lorry)
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Leung over 5 years ago

The price is reasonable. The team they send on the moving day is professional and efficient. They are the only one providing free boxes and even tapes.

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Guilad over 5 years ago

Not enough crew on packing day, no English speakers and lack of attention, resulted in several broken items, (including some that they attempted to hide), Crew showed up without tools on both days and had to borrow my tools to dismantle furniture. until the afternoon of the moving day. Many badly labeled boxes and no proper unpacking done although we paid extra for that (400$ extra, but we were left with around 100 boxes to unpack ourselves, many in the wrong rooms because of wrong labels). After we complained and asked for the unpacking fee to be refunded, the workers showed up at our house to pickup the boxes, and confronted us with our complaint and apparently the company was going to duck their pay. 1. If you did a bad job as an employee, and you know your company has a pay cutting policy, you should readjust your work ethics. 2. If a company has all slacker employees, it's the company's fault. Don't pass the buck to your employees if you didn't train them properly, or don't employ good supervisors, it's your fault. 3. Sending your employees to pull on my heartstrings is low. really low. Last, I'm still waiting for my refund.

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