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Hire Savana Styling Pte Ltd & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

About me

Savana Styling Pte Ltd is a creative design house with the below capabilities:

  • Project management for large scale interior and furniture assignments
  • In-house Design studio and team of creative staff
  • In-house factory to carry out complex manufacturing
  • Creating style & function for Your Dream Space
  • Ensuring design efficiency through detailed planning
  • Handling projects of all styles, concepts and proportions
  • Combining creative ideas with quality workmanship
  • Adding style and function to any space

Gathering inspiration from the world and You

Our Values


At Savana Styling Pte Ltd, we are in constant pursuit of creativity. We look at the world with open eyes, gathering inspiration from various places and things. This reflects directly onto our body of work, with interior design ideas that are full of zest and life. However, our biggest inspiration is YOU. We do our best to understand your needs and desires, making that the primary foundation of our creative endeavors. We create interior designs that work to fulfill your purpose.


Collaboration is important for the success of any project. We believe that effective interior design solutions are created from adding and subtracting ideas until only the best ones are left. We work closely as a team, not only amongst ourselves but with our clients as well. Instead of imposing ideas on you, we strive to stay in tune with your thoughts. Your inputs are of great value to us


A service provider is a company that you work with until the completion of a project. We, at Savana Styling Pte Ltd, do our best to be so much more than that to our clients. We want to be a trusted confidant, one who continuously listens and understands your needs. We extend our services to you even after a project has been completed. Our goal is to maintain long-lasting work relationships by ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction.

What is our specialty?

At Savana Styling Pte Ltd, we specialize in the following types of projects:

  • Residential / Commercial / Industrial Interiors
  • F&B, KTV, Retail, Office, Retail, Warehouse
  • Renovation works
  • Addition and Alteration projects
  • Interior fittings
  • Turnkey Projects
  • LEW / FSSB Submissions
  • Bulk projects for F&B, Hotels & Hospitality industry

Why do our clients choose us?

Our clients appreciate our down-to-earth and sincere approach. We believe in delivering projects within the committed time and cost parameters. We have an eye for details ensuring quality at all costs.

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My services


Savana Styling Pte Ltd, specializes in a variety of interior design requirements. Our clients include homeowners, commercial establishments, and corporate offices. We also have vast experience in the real estate and hospitality industries.

We possess strong management capabilities that allow us to handle projects of all sizes and proportions. Our designs are original and unique to the needs of our customers. Through an extensive network of suppliers, we are able to source out for different types of materials and furniture. Otherwise, we conceptualize and manufacture installations that are tailor-fit to your design requirements.


Savana Styling Pte Ltd also handles renovation projects. Our in-house designers are especially adept at space-planning, ensuring the most efficient use of available area. We work with clients hand in hand, from conceptualization and all the way to completion.


This service was created especially for homeowners who would like to have some extra oomph in their personal space. This type of project contains very minimal renovations, instead focusing on basic design elements. We work with different colours, textures, and materials to make a space look and feel new again.

Facilities Management

Savana Styling provides excellent integrated facility management services to our clients. We strive, in our daily efforts, to provide prompt, reliable and value added services to satisfy the needs of our customers. Savana Styling prides itself with its full spectrum of Facilities Management (FM) services designed to meet all requirements of any built and natural environment. Savana Styling aims to develop long-term relationships with its clients and through its integrated team of multi-disciplinary professionals, providing the most effective solutions and delivering greater value to its customers. Savana Styling’s unique approach is to design customized and flexible solutions that effectively integrate with its customers’ core businesses. Our staff plays an integral part of our core business and are dedicated to the long term care of our clients. Savana Styling invest significant resources in training and development to ensure that our staff are qualified, trained and experienced to undertake roles needed by the clients. Our staff takes full responsibility for service and quality management, supported by our corporate services division.

Automated Intergration System

Full-centralised control over things such as lights, curtains, blinds and thermostats and many others through your computer, iOS or Android device at the tap of your finger! You do not even have to leave your seat to control what happens in another room!

Installing this product also increases your energy efficiency automatically using schedules or when the need arises with pre-programmed ‘scenes’; it can even be used to manage your energy triangle! (Balance of natural light, temperature and artificial light) 

My achievements


“We are thankful to have appointed you as our designer for our new apartment. What impressed us, other than your designs, is your patient and accommodating manner in handling demanding and meticulous customers like us. Please keep up the commendable performance as there is great potential in your work!”

Mr & Mrs Steward, Parc Oasis

“…during the renovation stage, she was very attentive & registered all our design criteria and concern. There were adequate project coordination & management over the entire project”.

Peter, The BayShore

“…I wish to express my deepest appreciation to your company for the commendable renovation job…My special thanks to both of you for your professional advices, attentiveness and exemplary efforts to ensure timely completion and quality of work delivered. It has been a great experience working with you”.

Mr & Mrs Joshua, Robertson 100