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Our professional plumber provide a wide range of plumbing and sanitary repairing services to HDB flat, condominium and landed property. Our plumbers are trained to work at both residential and commercial properties with advanced and professional tools or equipments in order to help you to solve your plumbing problem.


Plumbing jobs carry out by our professional plumber:

• Repair or replace of leakage pipe (flexible pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, UPVC pipe, PPR pipe)

• Repair or replace of toilet bowl cistern fitting (siphon, ball cock)

• Repair or replace of leaking faucet, tap, mixer (shower, sink, basin)

• Unblock or clear blockage/ chokage/ clog of sink, basin, toilet bowl, bathtub, urinal bowl, floor trap, drain pipe, balcony drain

• Re-seal of leakage kitchen sink bowl

• Supply and install of new toilet bowl, basin, kitchen sink bowl

• Supply and install of PVC toilet bowl cistern (squatting bowl/ sitting bowl)

• Convert of squatting toilet bowl to sitting toilet bowl

• Supply and install of new aluminium or stainless steel refuse chute/ rubbish chute/ dustbin

• Supply and install of instant or storage tank water heater.

• Suppply and install of bathroom accessories

• Repair or replace of leakage bottle trap (brass chrome, zink alloy, PVC)

• Repair or replace of ball cock in water tank

• Supply and install of bidet/ sprayer set

• Supply and install of America branded water treatment system with high technologies which use UV light to destroy bacteria and viruses but retain beneficial minerals.

• Air purifier which use three stage mechanical filtration system to removes contaminants and pollutants from air.



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