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We are an independently owned and operated cleaning company, offering a consistent and high quality cleaning service. As part of our commitment to providing a responsive service, we have a Quality Management System in place to ensure high standards are maintained and more often exceeded.
The standards that we set can easily be measured thanks to our constant management focus and a continuous improvement ethos. We understand that clients’ needs differ. Therefore, the procedures we carry out are site specific.
UNIVERSE Cleaning believe in making work and the workplace an enjoyable experience. We celebrate and reward individual and group success. We also endorse and encourage employee development, both personal and practical.
Our clients have one central point of contact covering all our services, therefore ensuring greater synergy in the use of our resources. Combined with economies of scale, this can lead to lower costs for our clients.
At the end of the day, our aim is to provide a clean and secure environment for you and your employees, peace of mind for your clients, and an enjoyable working day for all of our staff.



We know that indoor air quality is a major concern in the work place today; bad indoor air is also the major cause of “sick building syndrome” in the office. Our office cleaning services include:
Dusting of office furnishings is done with the utmost care and chemically treated lamb’s wool dusters and dust cloth which holds dust for easy disposal are used. Damp wiping and sanitizing of office telephones, counter tops, water coolers, garbage cans, computer and fax machines, are done with an environmentally friendly, pleasant fragrance, germ killing detergents.
We have pride ourselves in maintaining a Healthy and Hygienic office restroom, we know the importance in keeping a clean office restroom and to control the hazards of cross contamination. By effectively using the appropriate office cleaning procedures and detergents to disinfect and clean the restroom walls, sinks and toilet bowl will remain with a pleasant fragrance and germ free. We use special decontamination techniques as needed.
Details are as follows:

• Office

• Clean entrance door and front glass

• Clean tables, desks, counter tops, fax and photocopier machines etc.

• Clean pantry area and topping up of refillable

• Vacuum carpet

• Remove trash to your trash receptacles

• Replace bin liners when required

• Wipe telephone and telephone cords

• Collect, wash & dry all dirty & used glasses/plates


• Clean and sanitize sink, toilet, and floors

• Remove trash to your trash receptacles

• Refill paper products

• Clean mirrors


Universe Cleaning Services employ the latest scientific methodology of Encapsulate Cleaning Process, captures dirt and grease from your carpet and upholstery.
This process encapsulates the oily and sticky particles in the carpet to prevent the attraction of other dirt attracting residue. This method is very suitable for commercial carpeted floors. The dirt and grease are dislodged and removed easily. It is safe for use on wool, nylons and upholstery fabrics.
Benefits of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

• It encapsulate dirt, grease & soil easily from the carpet

• No rinsing is required

• Our chemical employ an innovative polymer technology to form a distinct crystal when it dries up, the crystal encapsulate the soil that can be easily remove through post vacuuming

• It provides great anti-wicking properties

• It will leave the carpet more soil resistant and carpets stay clean longer

• It is environmentally friendly and therefore saving water and electricity

• Carpet can be put back into service quickly with fast drying & minimal “downtime”

• It will minimize the disruption to your business operations

• Chemicals used contains Tea-tree Oil that has sanitizing effects

• Chemicals used are allergy-free to all skin types including babies’


Make the most of residential cleaning services from Universe Clean for any time and any event! We have detailed cleaning services at affordable rates you’ll love. Contact us today to find out more on our residential cleaning services. Save the trouble of cleaning your house. Leave it to the professionals – UNIVERSE CLEAN.

• Hand wash dishes

• Scrub sink

• Wipe off kitchen counters

• Wipe off kitchen table

• Wipe down outside of all appliances

• Clean microwave inside and out

• Wipe down outside of all cabinets

• Clean stovetop

• Clean out refrigerator

• Sweep/mop floors


• Clean toilet

• Scrub bathtub/shower

• Clean bathroom sink

• Clean counters

• Wipe down mirrors

• Shake throw rugs

• Sweep/Mop floors

Living Room(s)

• Vacuum floor / carpet etc

• Swweep/Mop Floor

• Dusting of furniture


• Pick up clutter

• Make the bed

• Change bed linens

• Organize / tidy dresser

Other tasks

• Wipe down patio/deck furniture

• Sweep patio/porch/deck

• Take out trash

• Vacuuming of dust between false ceiling


• Marble Polishing

• Remove scratches, watermarks, stains

• Regain shine

• Vinyl Tiles

• Cleaning & Waxing

• Parquet

• Grinding & Vanishing with protective film

• Patching up of gap caused by expansion & contraction

• Granite

• Remove stains & scratches



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