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67Q Tuas South Avenue 1, Seatown Industrial Centre,, Singapore, 637513, SG

Hire VIM Cleaning Services Pte Ltd & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

About me

VIM Cleaning Services provides a wide range of services, from professional cleaning to painting to contractor works. Contact us at 98637636 to find out more.

We have many works involving Residential (HDB, condo and landed property) Cleaning and Painting. 

Our also have a proper team who will manage communications with you, on top of the team that works on the ground. 

Give us a try today. We do the best we can for our clients.  

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My services

We specialize in

* Regular House Cleaning & Maintenance

* Moving In/Out Cleaning

* Spring Cleaning

* After-renovation Cleaning

Other Services that we provide includes:

1) Commercial and F&B Cleaning

2) Painting works

3) Renovation/repair

4) Movers

5) Lease Management

6) Flyer or name card distribution

If there is something you are looking for but not listed above, feel free to let us know and we will do what we can to assist you.

Look us up on our Facebook Page. Search "VIM Cleaning Services"

Contact Number: 9863 7636

My achievements

Ratings & reviews

  • bypauline -20 Jan 2016Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning inEast Coast
  • "Have given feedback to Mr Elton! However, yesterday our tenant said all the stain on the floor areas which I was told earlier by the contractor were stubborn stain and impossible to remove were totally removed! He invited me to visit the house whenever I am free to see for myself because I repeated what the contractor told me about the irrevocable stains! He also did another complete washing of the whole house too! "

    bypeter -04 Jan 2016Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning inBukit Batok West