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About me

We are WeClean Services, a residential and janitorial cleaning service company looking to make an impact to residences of all types. By allowing us to provide cleaning services for you, you allow us to take care of your cleaning worries. We aim to provide all stakeholders with the best solution to the residents’ cleaning needs, by bringing a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, facilitated by ample cleaning resources to meet the cleaning industry's standards.

We provide in-depth training, which ensures that each of our staff is properly trained. By placing special emphasis on training, we proactively prevent the problem of varying standards. 

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My services

- Office / Commercial Cleaning - Hostel Cleaning - Event Cleaning - After Party Cleaning - Post Renovation Cleaning - Pre-Moving in / out Cleaning - Spring Cleaning - House Cleaning - Floor Polishing Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning - Full time and Part time Cleaner

My achievements

We have various customers on a growing list that includes:  - InTime Property Solutions - Roadbull Logistics - Palm and Oaks Hostel - K Cuts - Nin Residence - Farrer Suite

Ratings & reviews

  • "Excellent and professional cleaning service. Cleaner is friendly and does the work well. Strongly recommended. "

    byAudrey -29 Mar 2017Office / Commercial Cleaning inYishun
  • "My friend recommend me to try their service as they say it's good. I must say, the cleaners they provided are all well trained and can really clean very well. I would strongly recommend paying for their professional cleaning rather than saving a few dollars off for a cleaner that doesn't know what they are cleaning. Strongly recommend those who needs a commercial cleaner to try this company. Kudos to we clean. "

    byJinQi -14 Mar 2017Office / Commercial Cleaning inChinatown
  • "Great service. Cleaner is fast and efficient. Will definitely engage with Weclean company again."

    byDerick Poon -06 Mar 2017Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning inJurong East
  • "Excellent. The cleaner that came over to our home office is very friendly and meticulous in the cleaning. Quotation they give is reasonable and service provided is very good."

    byIvan Tan -24 Feb 2017House Cleaning inRaffles Place
  • "I am very happy with the cleaning they provided. Their price is reasonable and the cleaning auntie is very friendly and polite. However the auntie couldn't find my house so was late about 15mins but she did make up for the time and clean my house well. "

    byJiayi -24 Feb 2017House Cleaning inOrchard Road
  • "I like their cleaning service. The supervisor came down with the cleaner and brief him on the jobscope and task list. When the cleaner is about to finish, the supervisor came down to check and ensure that everything was good. Really like how they give a personal touch to the service. Highly recommended! "

    byMichelle -23 Feb 2017House Cleaning inPotong Pasir
  • "Disappointing. The cleaner did not do a proper job, was chatting on his phone while cleaning and he even took a shower in my bathroom. The worst experience I have ever had. Still send shudders down my spine. "

    byAnita -16 Feb 2017House Cleaning inChoa Chu Kang
    WeClean Services

    Hi Anita, we are very sorry to hear that this staff has made a few mistakes. We have talked to him and dealt with him disciplinarily. He is definitely an exception rather than the rule. We will continue to work hard to provide great cleaning experiences. Our apologies, WeClean Services

  • "Could only offer a 3 star They were very late in turning up for the job booked. One and half hour behind the appointed time, Although was given 15% disc. Job was a rush run through Every aspect of job was just surface. Maybe the company took in too many assignments than they can handle."

    byCharlie -05 Feb 2017House Cleaning inMounbatten
  • "Very good. Price is reasonable and the cleaner is friendly and nice. The auntie that came over is very meticulous in her work and will go clean those corners and hard to reach areas. Overall really like the cleaning service and now my place is very clean. Thank you! "

    byJing Jing -20 Jan 2017House Cleaning inYishun Central
  • "Excellent service. The cleaner were on time and they bought their own cleaning equipments which are brand new/ very clean. I have seen other cleaning company they bring those dirty cloth and claim it's clean. But this company bring a new set of cloth for my place and it's color coded so that each piece of cloth is for different area to clean. What I like most is that their worker really know what they are doing and know how to clean certain stains on the floor with their chemicals. Their pricing is reasonable as well. Overall it is a good experience and I will highly recommend this cleaning company to others. And I will definitely engage their cleaning again."

    byCheng yeng -20 Jan 2017Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning inWest Coast