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112 Butterfly Avenue 349845, 349845, SG

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About me

We are WeClean Services, a residential and janitorial cleaning service company looking to make an impact to residences of all types. By allowing us to provide cleaning services for you, you allow us to take care of your cleaning worries. We aim to provide all stakeholders with the best solution to the residents’ cleaning needs, by bringing a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, facilitated by ample cleaning resources to meet the cleaning industry's standards.

We provide in-depth training, which ensures that each of our staff is properly trained. By placing special emphasis on training, we proactively prevent the problem of varying standards. 

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My services

• Laundry

o Washing laundry with washing machine

o Hanging laundry out to dry

• Living room & bedrooms

o Vacuum floor

o Mop floor

o Dust & wipe all furniture

o Change bed linen

o Clean edges, skirtings, wall hangings & switch sockets

• Toilet

o Clean & disinfect bathtub, basin & toilet bowl

o Wash toilet floor & walls

o Clean mirrors

o Clean pipes

• Kitchen

o Scrub & mop floor

o Degrease & wipe cooking stove, hood, wall tiles

o Wipe exterior electrical appliances

o Wipe exterior surface of all cabinets

o Interior of cabinets if unoccupied

o Wash basin

o Wash dishes

• General

o Trash disposal

o Clean windows & grills

o Clean door & metal gate

o Balcony

o Wipe & clean all lights at ground level

• Additional

o Wipe & clean all ceiling fans and standing fans (Surcharge $50)

My achievements

We have various customers on a growing list that includes: 

 Home Residences

o 8 Farrer Suites, 

o 302 Sims Avenue,

o Nin Residence,

o Nathan Place....

• Hostels & Office

Palm and Oaks Hostel

o Roadbull