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5 Soon Lee Street, Pioneer Point, Singapore, 627607, SG

Hire Windy Warehouse Storage Services & other service providers, for any of the popular services below.

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Windy Warehouse Storage Services Cheapest and Reliable

(Movers and Disposal Services)

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Email : windystorageservices@ymail.com


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My services

We Provide One Stop Mover and Storage Service.

We have 10 warehouse in singapore.

Why Self-Storage Difference From Windy Storage :

- Going For Booking

- Paying Deposit

- Finding For Movers

- Finding Storage Space

- Booking Wrong Sizes Storage For Goods

- 24hr Accessible To Storage Space

Why We Are Difference From Self-Storage :

- Quote By Calls / SMS / Email

- No Deposit For Storage Services

- In House Movers

- Warehouse Around Singapore

- Charge By Items / Truck Load

- Long / Short Terms Storage Space

- Office / Residencies

- Not Accessible To Storage Space

- Fast And Easy

- Save Time

Others Services :

* Household, Office & Factory Removal Service

* Safe, Piano & Organ Removal Service

* Packing & Unpacking Service

* Disposal Service

* Transport Service

* Manpower Supply Service

My achievements

Sayf [Sep 1st, 2016 @ 06:12 PM]

Windy warehouse Storage is not only providing storage place for my items, they also provides moving services done by Yong Shen Movers team. The team that consist of all local movers and operators are just as friendly bunch of peeps that makes my moving went more smoothly and more easier to communicate with them all along from the starting of the booking date and time till the very end of my moving day ends.

Their movers are not only fast paced movers, they are also tactful in doing their work as to stacking the items,wrapping and moving them safely in organized and orderly manner. They are not just efficient, but also honest in stating the charges incurred for any items that needs additional cost, which means no hidden cost.

I highly recommend to those people who wants a smooth, swift and hassle-free moving experience to try engaging Windy Warehouse Storage and Yong Shen Movers, whom have done their great job in providing excellent and pleasant moving services for me and my family.

Kudos to the Team and All the best!!

Cindy [May 15th, 2016 @ 03:01 PM]

We have stored our stuff with Windy Storage for two months due to renovation. We were impressed by how fast they packed and moved our stuff out and also into the house after Reno was done, within 30 mins!

Will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives as they are consider cheap for moving and storage services together.

Mrs Lim [Feb 2nd, 2013 @ 08:26 AM]

There are a lot of self-storage in Singapore but this storage and mover company is different from self-storage. They provide all in 1 package storage and moving service, so easy for me a new type service to make thing so easy thank you to windy storage and their movers. Is much more cheaper than self-storage recommend service to people who want to renovation their house and a place to put their furniture for a short period.

For further achievement kindly go to our webpage: http://windywarehousestorage.com.sg/feedback