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YWL Photography
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  • Yeo Wei Lun
  • Blk 731 Jurong West, 640731, SG

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About me

Hello! My name is Wei Lun
and I have been freelancing for about 1 year, mainly covering event photography. I believe everyone can look great in a frame, and it is up to the photographer's skill to make that happen. 

Corporate/Private Event Photography

I believe not many people can endure the stress of event photography whereby everything is concurrent and things almost never go exactly the way it is planned.
What I can offer is the assurance that no matter how the event flows, you and your clients will be able to look back at these beautiful moments captured with the utmost accuracy. Your partners will have flattering images of their staff and products which they can confidently use for their marketing purposes.

My business model strongly focuses on great service
over everything else, so you can be assured to have my support and input for post, during, and pre-event, and have confidence that the important details are beautifully captured. You can expect professional etiquette
and quality
 in all aspects of the photography service, and respect for you and your clients needs.


I also love to bask in the joy and laughter of birthdays and celebrations and capture the best candid moments which are always forgotten in a flash. I believe these unplanned moments are the best and the most memorable, and I want to help you remember them, either in the form of digital sharing, or even better, in large print.

Let me help you take care of the photography for your events, so that you can focus on what is more important, enjoying these moments with your loved ones


My services

Corporate/Private Events
Corporate Portraits

My achievements

Reviews from satisfied clients

- NUS Commencement 2016 
"Wei Lun helped us to capture so many beautiful moments at my Commencement ceremony. A very special day for all of us and he helped to capture the candid moments as well with great skill! Truly appreciated his photography and the way he conducted himself in a friendly yet professional manner! Would definitely recommend him to others looking to capture their special moments"

- Singapore Improv Festival
"Wei Lun is a talented photographer, with an eye for composition and colour. His photos are expressive and beautifully framed--which is quite an achievement given that his subjects were moving around on stage. If I could give more stars, I would! :)"

- Singapore Improv Festival
"We hired Wei Lun to photograph the Singapore Improv Festival in June 2016. He was professional, communicative and friendly, and worked closely with us to understand our requirements and the demands of photographing a high-intensity theatre festival with challenging lighting and spatial conditions. The organisers and performers at the festival were very pleased with the photos he took!"

- Jurong Spring Elderly Learning Fest 2016
"Thank you for the wonderful pictures, and for capturing the precious moments, smiles and laughters!"

- YouthSpeak Budget 2016
"Professional and responsive! Able to understand the requirements quickly and initiate suggestions to improve the coverage!"

Achievements from Competitions

First Prize - NBS Shoot and Inspire Competition
Honorary Mention - NUS Montage 2016;dNVfW6CQcU51pxmZ~_wQFZ1~;s0AM9TEiDoHO5du9FbsUDQI11vrA~;QqL2QP3J4EoQS07ZgMU9UPgsKxoUAquorXK5CoSBZzg5CrryAO2ADwawDJaMaHY4wNnwjJHEETm2N7glOLVuH~_haMtGMNlOAMvQZ4mJPfX99iMMzcl4zYXbtUiYN4BlSYO0rHjR45SCwS6AYrdCUVR2Ab~;NJ9i6GmQNfb0kyBrj9eLzeCloiYMaL1gCWGw3SIu8pPd6oNuh9sCoGlMIkEN20FLAG5RlSIOycBWtHGMTYNd5~_RNkDd~;6gAkUwmCmVWM2KAUtnr14BC1bAM4iWLC8e5oAyyp7OQrL5iqncgxrAIucBwKHvYLtB872Fm9QipdUaubWm7kEsLA5qU3mvLgIoq93Cz0361rsGMEuBWtoWZQWzJwHD~_oCKORHgaK9rJdiUeH5Ovg5rUC3xjt2j70Ac9QxHB7DBSg6GX1jxKyTYl788Ablg5VgWYOscSf6AS~_wCAwTpe~;ZSkXW2Lwf6ri4am8~;dOMo5~;wBUDDYBahxGAyPdL59H7CB9nURzAMFR91qPAabsxog5blYvbiD0e~_xFJgN0iK8UiZIKscJqoatf69ySGw~-.bps.a.1021155784601010.1073741868.168815949835002/1021161987933723/?type=3&theater

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