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About me

We are devoted to making every customer experience exceptional for every service we offer. At Zealous Mover, we are not just your mover; we are also your friends.We accommodate your international and local moving needs all year round, utilising the most current equipment, tested methodology, and sophisticated crew in the industry with ENTHUSIASM, DILIGENCE, PASSION.

Be it commercial or residential relocation, Zealous Mover can make relocation a breeze for our clients. We understand the unique demands of the myriad types of relocation, and at the same time appreciate that what remains unchanged is the need to give our clients peace of mindZealous Mover provides one-stop service for your moving needs: from assessment, to packing and transportation, to storage and disposal, and all other interim needs. Our focus is on truly listening to our customers, and shaping our services to exactly meet your unique needs

Zealous Mover pays attention to each detail and shapes of our services professionally and consistently to exactly meet your unique needs at the highest level of standards and efficiencies. Building strong bonds with our clientele is the key to our sustainability. We seek to build long-term relationship with customers by consistently providing professional, reliable and cost effective solutions. Our professional team provides exceptional service experience to our customers.

Leveraging on more than a decade of experience, Zealous Mover is constantly recalibrating our business operations to add value to our customers. This is based on our firm belief that our customers are our paramount concern, entitled to peace of mind. We are in the business of serving not just your practical moving needs but more importantly your emotional needs.



To make moving a breeze for our clients


To be a world-renowned mover


Enthusiasm, Dedicated, Passionate

Mover and packer

Zealous Mover has core competency in moving and packing, having streamlined and enhanced its moving and packing process over its years in business.

Wrapping material

Wrapping material is an essential element in preserving the integrity of your chattels. Zealous Mover is meticulous in the selection of the most suitable material for your chattels.

Storage facilities

Zealous Mover provides both short term and long term storage solutions to meet your interim moving needs. Your furnishings and personal items will be wrapped, bubble-packed and protected in our storage facility.

Disposal Service

Should our clients need to dispose unwanted furniture or equipment, Zealous Mover stands ready to provide that service.

Local express delivery service

Zealous Mover is mindful that time is of the essence in commercial dealings. Our delivery service has constantly gone beyond our clients' expectations in providing timely and reliable delivery service.

Consultation and survey

Let Zealous Mover's team of experienced personnel assess your moving needs and provide a cost-effective solution tailored to your unique set of needs.

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My services


  • Quality and reliable commercial mover services are often essential when businesses of all sizes from small to large move from one location to another.
  • Office relocation is not an easy task; it requires time and manpower for the entire moving process as it may involve bulky and fragile items such as your tables, chairs, computers, electronics, and other valuable equipment. A professional commercial moving company has all the knowledge and skills to transport fragile items safely.
  • Zealous Mover is a professional commercial mover company in Singapore providing the highest quality moving services to make relocation a breeze for our clients. We are offering a wide range of customised full moving solutions to meet the specific needs of our corporate clients. We understand the unique demands of the myriad types of relocation thus ensuring that office move best suits your needs and requirements.

Why Hire Us?

With our vast experience and dedicated staff, we ensure that our moving services are fast and efficient utilizing our moving technology to minimize the downtime of your business operation in between moves.

We will make sure that your office relocation is efficient, successful, and right on schedule. 


  • Residential relocation in Singapore is never an easy task. It can be a stressful situation, from planning, packing, relocating, to unpacking. There are a lot of bulky and valuable items to consider like kitchen wares, electronics, mattresses, and antique vases and furniture. A professional and experienced residential moving company can save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Zealous Mover is considered to be among the finest residential movers in Singapore. We offer the best packaging and moving services. Our wide range of house moving services provides secure and well-organized transport for your household belongings.

Why Hire Us?

We understand the importance of good planning partnered with our clients for a successful execution of your tailor-made moving services meeting your requirement.

Our residential moving services are entirely customised based on our client's unique needs. Our professional staffs are trained in handling your belongings to ensure maximum protection using our moving technology and protective wraps. Our trucks are especially designed to facilitate the secure transport of your household belongings. Your belongings are professionally packed, loaded on our truck, transported to your new home, unloaded on our truck, and placed in their respective rooms.

Zealous Mover assure you that your properties are securely packed and safely transported to your new home. We know exactly how to handle especially your fragile items.

We will make sure that your residential relocation is efficient, and right on schedule for you to settle in your new home right away. 


  • Moving internationally is a very difficult task requiring more work compared to local moving. Aside from the fact that international relocation requires a big adjustment, it requires complex work like completion of all the documents, dealing with customs regulation, ensuring security requirements and accurate coordination.
  • Hiring a professional international moving company will help you accomplish a smoother moving experience. Choose the company who can assist and guide you through the entire process of obtaining the documents needed for port's clearances and shipping your belongings safely.
  • Zealous Mover understands that moving your home abroad can be one of the most stressful experiences. As one of the most trusted moving company in Singapore, we offer one of the most reliable international relocation services. We are committed to minimize the stresses, to make your international move free of hassle and successful in the most efficient way.
  • Our international moving services include international shipment and air freight transportation for your exhibition and household goods.

Why hire us?

With more than a decade of moving experience, Zealous Mover has become one of the premier international moving companies in Singapore providing both inbound and outbound moving services. We are very well versed with the shipping's protocol.

Our team of professional movers knows the importance of understanding the cost, effectiveness, and the options available as the mode of shipment.

Our experts will assist you on every step of your relocation from planning, packing, shipping, storing, and moving.

We carefully move your belongings without causing them any damage.

We keep our customers up to date with all the monitoring and tracking of their belongings following our detailed standard operating procedures.

We will make sure that your international relocation is successful and efficient for you to settle in your new home right away. 


Sometimes when moving abroad or relocating offices or houses, storage of belongings may cause problems because you can't bring them all abroad or there is a lack in space. A professional storage services will give you solution and peace of mind knowing that your properties are safe.

Our Storage Services

  • As a one-stop moving services company, Zealous Mover provides both short term and long term storage solutions to meet your interim moving needs. Our storage facilities can cater a wide range of storing services.
  • Our warehouse and storage options for personal, household and commercial belonging are flexible to meet your unique demands. We maintain secure warehouses across Singapore to ensure that we meet your high standards for your belongings' safety.
  • Your furnishings and personal items will be wrapped, bubble-packed and protected in our storage facility.
  • We are equipped with a system that is clean and secured to protect and maintain good condition of your properties.
  • Our containers are clearly marked which makes identification and retrieval of consignment or items simple and easy.
  • We have a 24/7 CCTV monitoring in our storage facilities

Our Disposal Services

  • Unwanted items such as furniture, malfunctioning electrical appliances, office equipment, and bulky items are often discarded during a move. Part of Zealous Movers' moving services is the provision of disposal services that will assist you in the removal of these unwanted items.
  • Our Disposal Service is composed of a team of movers who will properly pack the things to be disposed before loading them into the disposal vehicle for transporting to designated disposal sites. 

My achievements


  • Asiamalls Management Pte Ltd
  • Austrade
  • Citi Bank Singapore
  • CASS
  • Embassy of Sweden Singapore
  • Garuda Airlines
  • Singapore Expo
  • SingHealth
  • Sp services Ltd
  • Temasek Holdings Singapore
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • Awfully Chocolate
  • Brotzeit Pte Ltd
  • KOI Café Group(s) Pte Ltd
  • Macdonald's
  • Oshkosh Corporation
  • Paris Baguette Cafe
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School
  • SCDA
  • Singapore National Eye Center
  • National University of Singapore
  • Ministry of Social and Family Development
  • Central Narcotic Bereau
  • PropNex